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When he had nothing in Arizona. And you don't he is a top ten talent in a good draft for quarterbacks. That's what he is a year later. He's not not that anymore. Like he you just got value at the quarterback position. You do that every time and they got back second round pick next year. So you could make the argument that they just got like the the second round pick that they gave up this year. Four rosen. They got back next year. So they're just pushing it off the air you guys with me on the idea of this has everything to do with the fan base is just fed up. Like don't give us discards like they're what they're fearing is wait a minute. Now, we're gonna get another seven years of tannehill light. I would be super encouraging. And I think most often fans have spoken to or sort of encouraged that there's actually a clear direction, and this isn't a full tank job. Because I think most people see this trait as a low risk deal, and he's a guy that has a high ceiling. He was a top ten talent last year. He's now going to be working with someone who's reply. Suited to be a quarterback guru and Jim Caldwell. He didn't have that during his time in Arizona his head coach couldn't even be bothered to put on headsets for half the season. So you take your chances here. Maybe you do find your quarterback of the future in Josh Rosen and worst case scenario, he's already proven that. He can get you the number one pick. You guys are all in fantasy leagues. Can we as a group? Let's all five of us right now, Allah fancy draft. No, you guys you got. Let's write snake. We're going snake? Let's name. I pick read miser random All right. is Thank right. you in on this draft. We'll do it. After what we say name as many Arizona Cardinals as we can from last year glaze Camp, David Steve breast in Edgerrin, James. Can you can you name Larry FitzGerald and Josh Rosen? How many more all John Brown? They've got to have another Brown. I think John Brown went to Baltimore. Maybe they have a Jaron Brown. Do. They still have that tight end from Oklahoma. That's been around. That's just a blocking guy. As as a Johnson, David Yoko. Okay. So David Johnson layers. Josh Rosen Dan's still there is that was Carl. Maybe you know, what I made three appearances there ain't my one. I'm good. Do you want the draft order? All right. It's going to be Chris and Mike me and then ROY one through five Chris you're on the clock. All right. We're thinking back though, drafting yard Knowles to Dave Johnson. Find out how the cardinals draft goes next. Doug's debt Chuck dogs. Like, why is your guy selling hot dogs in here? I'll get tickets at a game. I want to see a hassle, but I missed that.

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