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And so I think he's very, maybe hyper aware because of that. And and I do think the the Celtics are not the only because Asian, but they have really done a great job. I think the Lakers have great relationship with UCLA and of course the Dallas Mavericks they hired on Cox game. Now he's he's not a a psychologist, but he's a sports cycle. I guess he is sports psychologist, but he also, you know, he was there from the beginning and he's just a terrific. I mean, he was I really enjoyed speaking of. I heard him speak at an event summer league a couple years ago and he he's really, really impressive. He is. He's very impressive. And you know, he told me if you know, I, if I can handle what I think that you know they're dealing with, you know, positive self, talk visualization. So that's one thing he said, if they're dealing with bipolar, something else, you know, we have a referral service all the way through the Dallas Fort Worth area. I don't try to take that on. I get them, you know he. So he's not a guy that's trying to say he has all the answers. And so those kind of people, they've been at this a while and you know it was interesting to for done Cox because he was saying, you know, in the beginning, I was just trying to make guys understand like here's what we're trying to do because they didn't even understand that. 'cause he was from Mars. Nobody had a sports psychologist. What does that and you know Adam silver makes a joke in the story about how? Yeah, we used to call him the shooting coach because if you said, well, I'm having trouble focusing or feeling with success or failure, and you say, oh yeah, the shooting coaches helped me. That's okay. But if you say, yeah, the sports that causes is helped me. Everyone's like, oh, what like you're crazy or something, you know. So so the language of this whole thing, mental wellness is opposed to mental health mental illness? Like, I don't believe I wrote that anywhere in all five parts because no. Nobody wants to hear that there's such a negative stigma attached to that and Kevin zone the top that you know we're shooting for mental wellness mental health. So it's interesting and little things like the language of it, you would think wouldn't be a big deal, but it is. It is to these guys, Jackie, how much better prepared do you think the NBA will be? Let's say it's two thousand twenty two in high school players come back in. I think we're all confident its head right outweigh two thousand twenty two seems now to be they thought two thousand twenty one. And now the sense we get is it won't be before twenty two, how much better prepared Lee will be to handle teenagers. That one year does make a difference then when the last time the high school players could come in yet much more. Yeah, they were in Vegas, Tracy Murray who guys probably remember, played at UCLA was also in the NBA. He was in Las Vegas talking to all those rookies about mental health and how to, you know, be able to talk about things and share things, and some. Is that transition program? Mental health is part of that. You know, Adam, silver again, the junior NBA the NBA fit program. You know, he came to an fifty, the smart guys, we know came to an pithy and said, well, we're, we're dealing very comprehensively with fitness in the physical fitness, but we haven't really taken, you know, the players, the whole, the holistic view. And so they've made those changes now. So you know the NBA's all over this and so is the players union. And it's been a collaborative effort and they're not always on, you know, hundred percent on the same page. But I think they both have the same ideas and interests and they know the numbers to, you know, John Lucas said to me, he estimates forty percent at least forty percent of MBA players have mental health issues. You know, I talked to different people that said, oh, it's more it's more than that. And I think the league knows that. And I think the players union that one of the things that it, it'll always be a challenge in its part of Intel gathering by teams when they're drafting a player or training for a player or. Committing to sign a player to a long term deal. They want access to this information..

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