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Of the upcoming Senate impeachment trial of former President Trump. The trial is stupid. I think it's counterproductive. The Florida Republican on Fox News Sunday claims the trial is bad for the country. He also promises he will vote to end it when he gets the chance. Senator Mitt Romney is hopeful the Senate holds a quick impeachment trial for former President Trump and wish that weren't necessary, but the president's conduct with regards to the call. A swell asses The inside station towards the insurrection that led to the attack on the Capitol calls for a trial on Fox News Sunday, the Utah Republican did not tip his hand on what he may decide. As he said senators have not heard from either side. Yet. Senator Amy Klobuchar says the Senate needs to accomplish other things. In addition to holding former President Trump's impeachment triumph, I thoroughly believe that we can handle this impeachment. Trial and just as the American people are doing jungle what we need to get done, The Minnesota Democrat tells ABC s this week. Mork coronavirus relief and confirming President Biden's Department of Homeland Security Secretary are critical. Sending the cane is calling Saturday's censure of her and two others by the Arizona Republican Party. A badge of honor. Matt Matt Johnson reports she tweeted. It is a high honor to be included in a group of Arizonans who have served the state and nation so well. The wife of late Senator John McCain was sent sure did along with Governor Doug Ducey and former Senator Jeff Flake. McCain and Flake both endorsed Joe Biden for president Do see refused to contest election results in Arizona that showed by didn't won the state Cindy McCain pointed out. The State Party also wants us ensured her husband. Half of nearly two dozen miners trapped in eastern China have been rescued after two weeks underground. I'm Cameron Fairchild. A number of covert 19 cases continues to fall, signaling the nation is on the other side of the peak from holiday cases, the Kobe tracking project reported. Nearly 174,000 cases were reported on Saturday. The peak came on January 8th when there were 292,000 new cases. There are more than 113,000 Americans hospitalized with the virus as of Saturday over 408,000 have died in this country so far about 5.2% of People in the U. S have gotten at least one coded 19 shot. I'm Jim forms. Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick calls for changes to the covert vaccine rollout plan Leslie bold reports His plan would vaccinate Texans age 75 older first, followed by teachers and school staff over 65 before doing the rest of Phase one b. He says the current rollout plan has Texans feeling frustrated with long lines having to call a phone number repeatedly or spending hours online just to get in an appointment, he suggests. I mean, the rollout plan would reduce lines, confusion and frustration. Some people are now receiving their second doses of the Madonna vaccine in New Jersey. Paul the Castro reports. Health care workers who received their first dose four weeks ago are now getting their second dose has scheduled. I made concerns of widespread availability of vaccine center in Newark, Essex County College will be administering second doses to those health care workers starting Saturday. New Jersey now has six vaccine mega sites. Including one that opened Friday at the middle Lands in East Rutherford Governor Phil Murphy says he's happy with the state's rollout but still needs help from the federal government. The Newark vaccination site is by appointment only a Northern California person who received a coded 19 vaccine is dead hours after receiving the dose. Several agencies are investigating. On Cameron Fairchild. And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom Frustration is boiling over for many seniors in the tri state region after the rollout of the covert 19 vaccine has been hampered by confusing online appointment systems and a limited supply of shots. Either. New York, New Jersey Nor Connecticut has a single website where people can find all vaccine providers and check for appointment openings. The new Biden administration has said it would use the Defense Production act to increase vaccine distribution. As of Friday, The Wall Street Journal reports New York has administered 1.3 million vaccine doses, while New Jersey has done more than 500,000. Connecticut says it has given 258,000 doses as of Thursday. New Jersey health officials have said a new hotline will open up this week with live agents who will walk people through the process of making an appointment for a vaccine erect plans to cut oil output this month and in February to make up for exceeding its OPEC plus quota last year. That's according to some Oh, State company that markets Iraq's crude. Iraq is OPEC's second biggest producer. It's going to pump about 3.6 million barrels daily for the two months. That compares with around 3.85 million back in December, Nymex crude class quoted at 52 27 a barrel The pandemic has been tough on working women, even those with high incomes. We get more about it from Bloomberg's Courtney Donahoe Cove. It has been a setback on well here, working women, you'd be a survey found that 61% of affluent women believe the pandemic has hurt their career while about 40% said the outbreak has put pay raises and promotions on hold. As they worked less help their kids with school and one in four respondents said they've delayed retirement plans or considered leaving the workforce completely, according Donna Hope, Bloomberg radio. Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg Quick take powered by more than 2700, journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer, this is Bloomberg. This'll is Bloomberg Business Week with Carol Master and Bloomberg. Quick takes Tim Stenkovic from Bloomberg Radio. Hi, I'm Carol Messer and I'm Chip Stenkovec of Bloomberg. Quick. Take Welcome to the weekend.

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