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Langston Hughes, Nigeria, LEX discussed on Radio Specials


For Martin Luther king junior ascended to there was a nineteen year old poet living here in Harlem name Lexden Hughes and he wrote about climbing the stair case filled with splinters in tax decades before doctor king dare to dream like some Hughes wrote about a dream deferred king was inspired by Langston Hughes but the strategic came up the public distance from Langston Hughes the accused communist sympathizer a label that could have a negative impact on the larger movement privately these men admired one another Langston dedicated songs and poetry to doctor king Dr king reside at length since poetry in public they took a private jet to Nigeria together in nineteen sixty and in nineteen sixty six lex and wrote a poem called demonstration upset that poem to music by Beethoven abroad for you all here today you'll want to hear it yeah this is Kyle Walker did you ever walk into a bar holds with the water turned up full blast did you ever walk towards police gun that might be your last did you ever stand in the face of snarling doll and not move as the dogs K. did you ever feel tear gas bar Hey good night your Tong when the waters of rainbow hues your those guns are no longer aimed at you on when the cops get the gel your a doll when the police dog wag their tail your doll when the tear gas canisters of dry your Tong when you all star in the sky gong the out of your you have the key to all George all.

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Langston Hughes, Nigeria, LEX discussed on Radio Specials

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