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We didn't get rewarded, and the right intentions were there. It just didn't go how we wanted to. See how it shakes out on Thursday night when the caps get the ducks at cap one arena. Marilyn women exacting revenge on Iowa turps made a season I 14 threes, 96, 68 route of the 6th ranked Hawkeye's number 7 terfs improved to 23 and four in the season. 14 and three in conference play. Big Ten play tonight from Maryland man hosting Minnesota at 7 o'clock, Turks have defended home court 14 and one record at Xfinity center. Some NBA news Atlanta Hawks, even though about 500, they fired coach Nate McMillan could be eyeing former jazz coach quin Snyder. Wizards back in action Friday against the Nixon D.C. Wiz officially waving Ford will Barton that clears roster spot for Jordan Goodwin. Frank Han ran WTO sports. Here's something you don't hear very often, some business owners are hoping for higher taxes. It's happening in Alexandria. It would be a new tax of ten cents per $100 of assessed value for commercial properties in old town Alexandria along king street and the waterfront. The idea would be to use that money to host events and promote the businesses affected by the tax, Amy Rutherford owns two businesses that would fall within the boundaries, she supports the idea. A lot of people know about old town, but they don't know the details of old town. What types of businesses are there? Those are the things that we want people to learn. Organizers of the effort need petition signatures from 60% of the affected property owners and so far there are about a third of the way there. Nick I Nelly doubled your TLP news if you want to learn more organizers are hosting public forums in person today and on Zoom, the details are at WTO P dot com. Coming up after traffic and weather the top stories we're following for you this hour. President Biden says Vladimir Putin made a mistake in saying Russia won't take part in a nuclear arms control treat you treaty with the U.S.. New research on the vaccine mandates at many cities imposed finds that they made little difference in slowing the spread of the coronavirus or in raising the number of people who were vaccinated. Renters are now paying a greater percentage of their income for their homes as wages have failed to keep up with rent hikes. Stay with WTO for more on these top stories coming up in just moments. 9 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s Jack Taylor staying busy in the traffic center. Please sure are at this point now we're trying to figure out what's happening toward Alexandria on the outer loop of the beltway in the local lanes leave in telegraph road headed over toward route one, not sure if we've got maybe a drain cleaning operation. Can't see anything in the cameras to accept maybe the little bit of the slowing, but no reason as of yet. Inner loop, we've been heavy around Braddock riddle toward two 36, 95 headed in the northbound direction, leaving a quiet toward triangle. There had been a mobile crew working along the left side. The work zone at a Stafford 95 southbound beyond exit one 40 had been blocking the far right lane. Still a little heavy, 66 east heading through manassas, then again, passing fairfax, the work scheduled north on the George Washington Parkway, headed from spout run toward the overlooks, and the long-term work that's always in place, both ways between one 23 and the beltway. Got the right lane there getting by. Reported in rest and on the rest in Parkway near glade drive, also the Prince William park when you're Lake Jackson drive in manassas. There had been reports of Iraq. In Maryland, two 70 almost cleared out, were just late delayed in Germantown. There was a wreck late at near father Hurley boulevard, if still there was the last scene over on the shoulder. I don't think anything's there anymore on the bellway outer loop. Before the Baltimore Washington Parkway, there was a cleanup of an earlier wreck, the tow truck had been there half hour or so ago, off the roadway right side, unclear if they're still there, but the delays easing, still a bit heavy though, from 95 headed over toward colesville road, we'd been reporting Iraq, thought maybe we had something between university and colesville road. Late delay Baltimore, Washington Parkway, going south from one 98 toward one 97, then through the bellway interchange as you ride out of greenbelt, 7 O four west near Columbia park road, earlier had a box truck broken down there last scene, had been blocking the far left lane. Help your business thrive and stay connected with the Comcast business complete connectivity solution. Comcast business powering possibilities, restrictions apply. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. Storm team four's Chad Merrill, how long is this ring going to stick with us today? Until about the midday and then it's finally going to move off towards the north and east. The heaviest rain right now is along the I 81 corridor between Hagerstown and Chambersburg couldn't even have a few sleep pellets mixed in in that location only because temperatures are in the middle 30s, getting some reports of some light icing out in far western Maryland, and those areas will see a little bit of a changeover to rain. Locally, our rain ends, noon 1 o'clock, that means the afternoon commute will be dry, which is good news. Our temperatures in the low 50s today we warm it up overnight into the middle 50s, so to be warmer when you wake up, then it will be when you go to bed and the high temperature on Thursday will be 80° with lower 80s to the south and we'll have a breezy wind as well. So it's going to feel very warm on Thursday, and then a cold front comes through with just a wind shift on Friday and temperatures dropping through the 50s, the weekend will be 98% dry just a couple of flurries possible on Saturday. We do rebound from 40 on Saturday back into the upper 50s by Sunday afternoon. It is 37 and Hagerstown, so that's one of the cooler spots in the area, 42 in

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