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May stamina but well look you know i. I think that you are i. I think that You're you're definitely locked in on this health journey. I think that you're gonna do fantastically in the future because you already have experienced how good it is so far and you can't ask going and and i'm pretty sure you have to be optimistic that you feel good now but you can feel even better down the line. Yeah when i went to my doctor a month ago or maybe two months ago i forget but It's the first time she'd seen me in the pandemic and she's you know she's typing a little computer and she looks she. She looks at the computer and she looks up immense useful. My gosh you have weight loss. When did that happen and then. I explained to her. What i was doing and she was very supportive. And and you know keep added and you know even if it's only a couple of pounds a month just keep at it and you'll the i think the benefits of just the feeling better it like you said It really motivates you to keep going no question about it and i would imagine another big. Motivator is your improved mood. You mentioned that your husband said that like you seem so much happier. Did anybody else pick up on that. Not really A year it was. It was thanksgiving and christmas and people thought i was really nuts. So you know. I think that you know. Of course. i even went to a cookout. i brought my veggie burgers and people like me. What are you doing why So until you experience it and you just you go through it yourself. You don't know. And so i think that was. That's that's something that you know. They might have noticed. I was happier but again it was. Also the you know when we were all in lockdown and so people weren't seeing that much right right but real talk as uncomfortable as those situations can be where you feel like such an outcast but you tap into this inner strength and you find out just how powerful you all are when you're able to go to those types of events and not cave to pressuring you stay on your path your path alone so i'm sure that that was also a great feeling to you. You got a sense of fried leaving there that absolutely absolutely final question for you is this What would your message be to somebody who was in your position at the time where you were looking for the study. You having gone through these changes. Yeah what would you say. That woman really wasn't looking for the study. It just kinda happened upon me and it was. It was on a women. I knew i needed to do something. Healthwise on all of these different things that are affecting me and one of those being the hot flashes but it was really interesting. The group that we had there was so many women I was probably the largest individual in the group But there was women that didn't even need to lose any weight and the incredible experience that they fell By following this diet and and incorporating sweepings into their diet You know was life changing for them to watch that that. I would highly recommend if you know women have any type of hormonal imbalance or hormonal issues. it's definitely worth looking into because it will make you feel better and marie petric. You've made me feel better today. And i'm sure that you've done that. Also for the thousands of women who are listening and watching to or watching us here today as well. So thank you so very much for.

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