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Welcome to the breast cancer concrete podcast that features Wellness Warriors who've had a powerful impact in the world of health and happiness. Hi. I'm your host doctor veronique desaulnier better known as Doctor V and founder of breast cancer concur.com and the Seven essential system that I'm thrilled and honored to have you with me today my goal for creating this podcast is to provide you with information about various healing modalities and facets of creating vibrant Health Choice that you can make an informed decision about your body and your health. My passion is to empower women around the globe to live their best life through healing of Body Mind and Spirit my team and I are so honored to have reached women in 40 countries and Counting. I'm excited about our lineup of guests and the powerful information that they will be sharing with you if you like what you hear, please. Subscribe to the podcast and share this with your friends and family. Welcome everybody to another amazing episode of Wellness Warriors today. I have Nathaniel Mead hoo as as masters in science, but what I really was attracted to him about was the fact that he's a research and science geek just like I am so he does a lot of researching. He's basically a holistic nutritionist and medical writer. He's been involved in integrative cancer for many years. He's done all kinds of research over 15 years of experience as a research associate for the block Center for integrative cancer treatments in Illinois, and he currently acts as a cancer coach and helps people maneuver through their healing Journey..

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