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Well everybody episode five hundred. Twenty two at a podcast. I am happy as always the be here with you. Stop by this. Is your first time. Listening to a podcast. Please over there and banging that subscribe button. You do not want to miss italy actually coming your way right here on first place fatherhood. Alright dad's today. I am joined by a true legend. In the world of mixed martial arts and brazilian jujitsu hickson gracie is here with me on the podcast. Obviously there is no such thing. As brazilian jujitsu without the gracie. Family hicks is the third son of grandmaster helium gracie. He is widely considered to be the best fighter of the gracie clan. Back in two thousand fourteen hickson was inducted into the legends of hall of fame is professional. Mma record is eleven. Oh is undefeated in his brazilian jujitsu professional career and after the shocking death of his oldest son hickson never fought professionally again. He goes into the details of how the tragic loss of his son changes life forever in his new book. Breathe a life in flow which is a must read hickson. Sent me a copy of the book. I blew right through it. The forward of the book was written by jaakko willington. Abc who you've heard right here on. I last fatherhood hickson is currently teaching seminars. Around the world to students from all walks of life including men women children senior citizens law enforcement officers military personnel even veterans with ptsd and many others. There is currently a netflix film in production about his life story. It's a tremendous onto the have on the podcast with me today fixing gracie we'll be here with me and just a few minutes so please stick around. For the interview. And today's interview wit- hickson gracie was recorded on video and is available for you guys to watch my youtube channel. If you'd like to watch the conversation between myself and the legend please subscribed to first class fatherhood on youtube link into description of today's podcast episode. All right if you guys enjoy.

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