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But the motion Moseley just a little bit. And it opens up the window just a little bit. So the is when you watch a motion like this and you get caught up in the backfield. And you're watching it there's that little window that golf meats, and that's all needs. It helps him with it helps him with his windows. It owes more open more open receivers. And the one thing is protection when defensive lineman when they're talked about all week. Stop the run set the edge build the wall. And you get that. Look, you're worried about that. But then it's play action. Then you enter into your pass rush. It gives you a little bit more time. And that's why golf has been so protected so well. Play action teddy who's the best play action passer you ever faced. Well, that's paid manning for me going against Payton. There was he made it look dental in terms of run versus Passi also used to run the outside zone. And there were times where I was caught in the middle of the the the front seven because Peyton would show that ball his right arm would be in the same place where it'd be a field runner pass. He he painted a great picture of the same thing. Whether it was running play action terrier the best. Thank you so much. Enjoy the weekend. We will see you again soon we get back to the Super Bowl here. Laura. How about some of the matchups speaking of Peyton Manning the Super Bowl matchup has it? So many star studied guys the Rams defense versus Tom Brady and Josh mcdaniels playcalling very interesting and Peyton Manning as teddy just talked about keep going into this matchup. This is so cool in the latest detail on ESPN pluses manning is talking about Brady here. This week's episode of detail exclusively on ESPN..

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