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Now supercar of the year the asked him on a db s Sabella gavea. All right. What's left on the list that car of the year? This is kind of exciting. A lot of people have a hard time with choosing car of the year. Twenty vehicles are eligible to be car of the year this year driven all had a good time with all of them out car of the year is the Genesis g seventy and it's an easy win for Genesis. Because the competition is all really good county a six seven was in this bunch. But this kind of came out of nowhere didn't expect it to be as amazing when I first learned about it. But then you have to look at who's behind it Al who came from BMW's 'em vehicles. Who is guy that tuned, the vehicle, and you look at a designer the list of who's who is basically over at Genesis now building cars. From Audi Lamborghini. They just got a who's who have caused us. I'd say, and so it was pretty much a no brainer. Joining us on the phone is my friend. Jeff Jabotinsky, Jeff congratulations on winning the car of the year. It's deserve by Genesis. Thank you, Nick. And you've said it better than you better than I could. We have such an incredible team working on the products at Genesis right now, and it really is an honor to be selected as your car of the year. And he's driving a lot of cars. So tell me was this like a major recruiting drives several years ago because I looked down at who's working re-genesis now, and it really is a cream of the crop from supercars and luxury cars across the world. Yeah. I mean, it's exactly that Genesis knew that to compete with the best vehicles in the world you need to have the best team. So they went, and they recruited Luke Donka, bulky design, as you mentioned Albert Bearman who had a key role in developing the suspension and the handling for g seventy and and more people than I could list right now, you can with an incredible background. And they're gonna be developing. The products are Genesis going forward. So the the rumor is is a lot more coming from Genesis, you have three vehicles g seventy eighty ninety right now, the the most significant and probably. Is the g seventy it's the newest vehicle out of the fleet. There are very few people that didn't think would g seventy wasn't one of the best cars to come out in two thousand eighteen. Yeah. And you know, everything that you're saying, I mean, it's something that that we know that when people drive the car, they understand it g seventy you really have to drive to understand. I mean, it's to look at and the numbers are impressive. But the second you get behind the wheel driving or you appreciate you know. Complete luxury experience, you're gonna find something you really like to. Let's talk about facts. I would expect a call. I start around the fifty thousand dollar range is a premium vehicle, but it starts on the thirty five thirty four nine to get into the g seventy with with the two liter turbo engine. It's it's a really great price point. When you look at the rest of the competition and the other vehicles that are coming out in that in that segment, you have to option them up a lot to get the feature content. You get even on a base seventy when we went to launch in New Hampshire. New england. We were we were at the launch with you, the the didn't want, you know, you guys didn't want us to be babies about it. You wanted us to get out and really push the car, in fact, so much so that you let us without a co driver do auto cross and do our drifting of the vehicle as would will. And that's probably the poverty may be fall in love with it. The most you don't scared to let people play with it. Nick you and I have spent enough time in the car together. I wouldn't be scared. I think I think that we had we had absolutely no qualms. No, no reservations about that. I think one of the fun things is that Genesis is really making itself into a brand that is competing heavily with the competition. More to come from Genesis, Jeff. Absolutely. You should be watching Genesis very closely as we get ready to unveil a bunch more products, including the long-awaited sports, utility vehicle. All right. I'm holding my breath. Jeff, thanks for joining us on radio to this day..

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