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That's a strange mix. I think it went. I was thinking going together. Naturally you're been this is my mom my seat that this move Hori on ever who's your who's your strolling intro for you made the move now says aw man. I've not heard this in a long time as a reason for it happy birthday Paul Anka seventy seventy seven years old must be nice to have an iconic song like this yeah seventy. Seven people still know that song people still remember this. It's like people like him. Barry manilow like Neil diamond diamond well neil diamond had more hits and I guess Barry Manilow had more hits like I don't know how much much I don't really know how much Paul Anka had I just remember this one more. I looked at Lenny Kravitz what you don't know about that that one but no use your illusion three nothing like that but he's got a couple. I looked at I recognize it. Let's see here Paul Anka seventy seven years old <hes> what else <hes> you are my destiny and Diana dirty dirty Diana Rachel yeah original dirty Diana and he wrote the music for Tom Jones including including his biggest hit. She's a lady Oh. He's a he's a Les Hacen Most Oh and guess what he also did with Michael Jackson. I never heard Diana. No I never heard he remixed Diane. What is IT I? I never heard the name of it so I don't think it did hurt so he did some things things man he does. You know doing some things from Ottawa Canada my my parents. My parents probably still go see Paul Anka. If given the opportunity of Paul Anka rolled in Saint Saint Louis. My parents probably would still Easter with US correct. Yes okay. Let's see here make sure trust to run down. Just a run down Raj Dot.

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