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In Raleigh and it's good Zagros Bali and with a two point lead and they fled million pargana Bolden at the three point line up top hands it back up to par goes in front of the Davidson bench Fargo with curry the southern conference player of the year out on him that's a great match up right there both usage driven man the man defense and they try to take away the threes perpetration should be there because it's not allowed a weak side help and Fargo does penetrate kicks it back outside in just in the line up a long jumper missed by Austin day along freshman and a long rebound out to Davidson most of them will Davison pushes the bread they don't push a justice court a push to the test to the first available back around the office curry finds metal on the right block he is cut off nicely by two so and the ball is stolen by Gonzaga Hannah turned over by bulletin that was a policy of the ball he got the ball down today for a little bank shot from ten feet on the left wing the quickly on that Gonzaga will push it and look for opportunities early Davidson comes back in a fifteen footer by Lovedale no good a long rebound for David sent out the Jason Richards again a lot of those well in the end and they will pull it back out and take the time and was this gentleman this gentleman is Stephan curry out wide open twelve feet on the right base wide and got all twine twelve to ten Gonzaga the lead in the ball down the low block self shot rejected by love Dale how to grade three again for gray he's three for three from Gonzaga daily by five and transition basket for Davidson and while polished Goslin misses the layup he did draw the blocking foul and he will go to the line problem record transaction by surprise because that term Davis to really push.

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