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Here mark danny and larry stone g wave horrified all year launch chief in it easier remember that kohl rain township chief martin danny worse switching subjects here to a lighter very live or note let let's talk sports and this week was a bad week for the cincinnati bengals star nav aged mccarron is out of here gentleman we get nothing right you get nothing y you took the chance of romance in lost my wife wears his shirt well she basically was old m is equivalent of let's play vote fault object today against trump's phone has hit central electoral always address if it's a in your yard how that actually works out guys he he filed a grievance for people don't really know and i used to be a sports agent for a number of years uh what happens is he was put on a injury a nonrelated football injury less uh i think it was his first or second year his shoulder and for a shoulder and the bengals let's just say you you follow grievance with the players association the national football league players association to say that was unfair you did that just to retain my rights for another year the independent arbitrator uh decided four uh aj and basically he became a anand restricted free agent march which means there's no compensation the bengals will get no compensation and what will happen something will overpaying probably cleveland were overpaid and the bengals will get again no compensation whatsoever were if they would have traded him last year right before the trade deadline they probably would have guide either a first second or maybe a first into third or whatever there was a couple offers for second odor there is no question though was the second and third yeah he he he would got so my my question to attempt to the panel whiz everyone thought aj with not everyone a vast majority of bingol fans wanted aj to start the you know they did just not satisfied with with andy dalton so now you're going to see if you're an aj mccarron fan you're going to see him have to put up or shut up and i'm telling you right now he will shut up because depending on where he goes will that will determine his success or their lack of if he go the cleveland he's going to the siberia of the.

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