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Laura and now from the university of chicago institute of politics in cnn the axe files with your host david axelrod tony blair burst on the scene in the 1990s as the leader of new labour the labour party in britain and led the labour party to victory in 1997 after which he served ten very consequential years as prime minister of great britain during those years he help modernize a social safety network propelled britain's economy forward and then ultimately ran into significant opposition for his close relationship with george w bush and alliance over the iraq war i sat down in london last week with tony blair to talk about today's political environment and the future under brexit tony blair it's great great to be with you here in london you know you are a globally known person but a lot of people who listen to this podcast certainly in america are not all that familiar with your personal story in in in preparing and know you've written autobiography and so on in preparing for this i was struck by some things in your in your biography particularly how you grew up because you had a very sort of interesting childhood that changed very dramatically and i just wanted to ask you about the about your folks yes i was brought up actually in a in a very conservative household by my father was a member of the conservative party my my father come from very poor background himself he was a foster child in a pool potted glasgow.

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