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You can go online, of course to President Lincoln back Illinois dot gods, and you'll find the little shop link that goes to our museum store in just about everything in the store you could buy online. At our museum store right now has a special often purchases of $50 or more. Get free shipping cool. I would assume that the three D holograph presentation is operative at this point in time. Yes, there is. That isn't our program. It's just amazing when you see a feather float out of the sky and ah hologram of Abraham Lincoln that writing quill writing Quill. Yeah, feather. Thank you. For the clarification on the Thehunt Graham actually turns into A real person standing there talking to you, and that is so cool. Oh, and the silvery war reenactments where the cannons go off and the whole seat shakes. Well, it's it's just incredible. Or is it the real person? Well, I don't know. It sure looked like it. If it wasn't that has to be something almost like from Disney Imagineers or anything. Unfortunately, Joe we are out of time. So again that website for the museum and library President Lincoln. That little guy again go there. And right there on the home page has all the space you need for a safe and some visits and everything. You need to know your tickets in advance. We hope to see you here soon and Springfield of it all. Exactly. And if you're lucky enough to meet Joe while you're there, ask him or to eat. He knows every restaurant in town. He's a foodie like me, Joe. Thanks for joining US Travel planners show. Thanks, Joe. The best. You you take care guys was well, don't go away. We're almost done with the travel planners radio show. We got a little more to go, so stick around. Farmers Insurance presents 60 Seconds of service Ranger school is a slam dunk that story. Next Farmers insurance.

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