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All right all right. Yeah. What I'm saying? Now in separate rallies Utah. Say That three times. Fast protests masked mandate and demand in person classes. These fucking idiots? Kareem where where all the black people? Oh It's Utah are there I'm not saying there aren't any I'm just having a hard time. There's fewer than at a trump rally, but then again. These people aren't being paid to be there. It's true in Provo is. She walked up to the podium to speak. One of the MOMS grabbed a face mask and bitter gum into. It said it's garbage. She shrugged wanting it up. It doesn't work anyway, not for me and my kids. A data spoke after her said that he to doesn't think the Massar effective, and he's pulling his kids out of school this fall if the state doesn't lift its mandate requiring all K. through twelve students where face covering another mother carried her four year. Year old son in her arms, noting there's no way he would keep one in his kindergarten class, but she thinks they're stupid anyway. Regardless of age parent after pattern followed at the Utah County. Commissions meeting last Wednesday objecting for more than two hours to having their kids in masks, even his council, the virus continue to climb across the state were there are now more than thirty? Thousand confirmed cases they packed into the small boardroom to talk pulling tape off. The seats meant to maintain social distancing and crowding in against the walls they were trump, twenty twenty hats, and carry little, American flags, and every time someone said freedom or constitutional rights. The whole room cheered. What a bunch of tanks! I'm. I'm sorry. So there is a summer camp in Ohio Iowa somewhere in the mid west. There's one in. There there was one in Missouri. Yeah Eighty two kids. Your Age Kids in an doping. I Yeah. But it's a hoax. Provo residents Cynthia harding, said the man. This mandate for the children to wear masks is Baloney. We have the right to make our own choices. Then, keep your fucking kid at home. So is this. Is this the answer the to. Drive people crazy. Tell them they can't do something. Yes, that's what it is does not matter. It does not matter, and you know what it is because I have as Jason. You have a small child at home to his has has has little Alma Become averse to what some call the N. word. Not that one Korean. Yeah, yeah. Not so much the three and a half year old on the other hand response was everything with a no. No, no okay so. I've I've got one that. That will be seventeen months old here. By the time this this podcast drops not today one recording. If you say no to her. She will almost without fail. Throw herself on the ground. And Begin to cry. And that my friends is what's happening to people when they're told they have to wear a mask. Yeah, yeah! Three. That's my three and a half year old. Does that for sure at least four or five times a day off being toddlers? Because this is what happened with black people if you do that? You get to ask. As if you do it in public, because you like, you're not bears of me and his door. Well Louisiana man who was asked to leave a walmart when he refused to wear a mask by the way you have to wear a mask. Yeah. Inside this. He did not, but by the way Walmart Sam's Club joined a bunch of other retailers everybody, but when Dixie at all. They've relented now. Yeah, but changed her mind this morning. Yes Oh! They have they still even Dixie in the name, but you have to wear a mask. The Louisiana man who's Ashley Walmart when he refused to wear, one was arrested after striking a cop with his car in the store's parking lot. Oh Damn. Ricky Taylor and by the way, isn't it great one? A sixty four year, old man's called Ricky He was inside the Walmart near his West. Monroe home Tuesday evening. Isn't that where the Duck Dynasty guys live? Okay Makes Sense What a COP apparently working off duty security detail to store advised him that the business businesses policy is for every customer to wear mask upon being offered a mask Taylor allegedly began cursing out the officer, saying quote. You can't make me wear a fucking mask. I'm not wearing a fucking mask. He would later claim that a reported medical condition prevented him from wearing a mask. Now, due to his unruly behaviour, Walmart wanted him placed on trespass. Notice, so the cop asked Taylor for his driver's license, so that I could give it to you but I'm not. Vehicle as the officer called the car's license plate to police dispatch Taylor allegedly backed his car up and twice struck the patrolman now after a brief struggle, Taylor was handcuffed and taken into custody, charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer, which is a felony and disorderly conduct and resisting an officer both misdemeanors. He was released from jail. now all visitors. The West Monroe store must already wear a mask. The entire Walmart chain is requiring them starting today. Actually. If you're watching live, police blotters nationwide are expected to immediately effect fallout from this policy change. If you don't know that it's a police officer. If you think it's just a R- by the rennick. Don't get complacent with the rent. A COP's because there's a lot of regular cops that make extra money. And just because you don't know doesn't mean you're not gonNA. Get hit with it if you decide. Go your rent a cap. Nothing the. You put this thing up, thanks. I can't believe it. It's people are dickey's Oh just being ridiculous medal of freedom recipient rush, limbaugh says Americans need to adapt like to the corona virus well in in. Here's how he thinks we should do it by the way his voice is not easy now. Covert nineteen is a two convenient and excuse. For a generation of people? To just punt. We don't do this. We are Americans..

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