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Squirt gun into the clown's mouth and balloons clown being Bobby Valentine on it blows Andy Chavez off the wall, some some summertime our mind. Might there where we have all personalized Twitter handles on hats and give him out. Epic fail, You loser back right, Okay. Fabric sale this morning. Morales is wearing a personalized hat that says at Maria's CBS, so his Twitter handle on his hat and Personalized shirt or close to it. His wife bought a T shirt that says, minus 6.5, which is clearly a spread, but just a random generic spread of any game of parents weight loss system wondering it, I guess in honor of the up the gut picks have you come around arise on Milady's idea of when a home run is Hittite City Field, there's a giant Empire State building. And one lucky fan smashes a mallet like a carnival, and the thing goes up, and maybe that fan can win something. No. In fact, I'm embarrassed that were associated with him on the show that he texted they were tweeted, the Mets owner that that was his idea is that Stephen was going to go. This guy nailed it. No. The terrible light from the God who can't keep his mouth shut. All right, Pete. Just have a nice weekend. Every think your idea. Get lost. Able Monday with something for you. How about you get a guest? Oh, I'm sorry that I missed Jack Youngblood yesterday that I'm just filling in tonight. Off, Okay? All right. Oh, okay. All right. Have a great weekend. Yeah. You really feel very knocking for when I was off that week, huh? That was an easy text. Silence is definitely Yeah. This is how we're gonna end off the week here, guys, you guys at each other's throats? No. I wanted to have a nice weekend. He crushed me and you set us up the wanted to start one. How you You started it. You tweeted a Cohen. Just have a nice weekend. Every relax No chicken bones. All right, everybody stay safe. If you do ever wings this weekend, do not eat the bone. Don't swallow the bone. Don't swallow a shard of bone. Be careful. Chew your food..

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