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Which way J Shaun Tait is going to go. He's a left hander. I think he's the only left hand around the roster, but he continues to get to the rim. We will go. The line is shoot here on the foul, charged Johnson. Lefty raises shoots in rooms at home Statement of his first NBA start tonight. He's going back to tomorrow to martyr. Rosen came into this game shooting 87%. That's the highest free throw percentage. He's a student highest 33 point percentage, just under 40 highest free throw percentage ever last year, he shot the highest field goal percentage has become a much more efficient players. Jason take can't make the second one, but Mark Rosen continues to improve. Late in a career here is DeRozan Tabliki Slaves in the Mills Silent left you go right. The alders left side. The lane one on one with work muscles into the paint turns into a right hook and scores Spurs lead by 9 99 90 They're nice right now. For Houston, you need to stop and a score. If you're the Houston Rockets would for strong answers right back off the left way. What was the largest lead by San Antonio's trim? 26 and Wood has 22 points in four threes off the angles, screen, Hurry, drives and hands it off to Mills. What All did you dribble rolled over? Would pot holders double him immediately Throws up top Rosen for three off the room. No good rebounds loose coming to the near side line, a collision and it's grand by the Rockets ahead. The tape back it out to the man who saved it. Brown for three. Already knocks it down on the Rockets are back to within a possession, trimming it. The three time outs San Antonio nine point lead a chance, maybe to start to salted away Christian would sterling Brown. A couple of stops in the Rockets right back in 3 52 to go in the fourth San Antonio 99 Rockets 96. This is the N B, A on ESPN.

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