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Tuesday at city national arena. But dave when you saw this kind of coming across your twitter feed just what was your initial. Take initial reaction. Will i have good online or for getting some like cell phone reception our however he was able to send off those tweets of from montana. 'cause i know when i was lucky enough to go up there there was not very Not very strong Why so good on him. I guess for getting out there in all seriousness. Though i think my my initial reaction in i'm gonna i'm gonna be real truthful about this. My reaction was why. Why are you thrust in yourself into this conversation. Why are you getting involved. Why are you causing a firestorm. You know a week before the season little more than and like it's it's got nothing to do with him other than like you know eiko and then and then here's another thing too is like there're all these rumors and stuff that at one point. The golden knights might be interested in jack. Nicholson tampering. you know like there's so many things to this where i was just like. Why are you doing this to yourself. Why are you bringing you know the thunder into your living room. The way that he's doing. And then i heard him talk and i heard what he had to say why he felt the need to speak out. And you know. I i changed sort of my tune on a little bit Get it much more. I get where he's coming from any feels lake. If nobody else is going to do this. Okay fine. I'm going to be the one and i agree with alex Because i'm the same way. I admire anybody that has the you know what's to stand up and speak out on something on anything. I don't care what side they come from. I have admiration for people that are willing to do that. And are willing to be the lighting rod in be the one to take up the costs. I don't know what what started other than he read an article clearly in that morning about about jack eichel and the surgery in the situation and as he articulated. I think a little bit in the press conference in. You're there ben. So maybe you can speak this a little bit better than i can. It's about the mental health aspect with rob winter in jack. Eichel here that that sounds like jack. Eichel is just getting to a point where he's miserable and needs a resolution in it's affecting his mental health and win something like that happens. Robin leonard is going to step in and speak up in. Speak out in if it takes him making a threat to the nhl nhl pa. That he's gonna start dropping stories and the first story that he's you know drops was the pills. And if he falls that up with elaine vino and decides that office just because here's the thing with that that's been for whatever reason sort of this lingering thing deadspin had a link to This their story occurred them..

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