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She'd his wack man. You do this talk to yourself all day. He was like bro. Hit that act. Like what the hell is the at. You like that little squirrelly do all that little squirrelly sign shits cinnamon roll. I hit it on film like oh shit and then you get to see all these people that up that puck which you you know what i'm saying and people that miss you you ain't on radio and the and i'm like. Oh wow i still in the yeah. I remember seeing angela using my mentioned. I'm like oh shit. Angeline hitter up now. Just hit her. Come on my radio show doing a j. forty five morning show. So that time i was i was fired. I went up to her show like a couple of times outta here do satellite radio and then i mean between that and wendy show nothing. I got the call to come do morning. Radio in philadelphia so between that and wendy shell so after between windy. Show in philly yeah. I ended up between wendy show. I was at home with my first daughter. And then i ended up going to do more radio in philadelphia and then how much time passed from november like november. I was. I was fired from november. Two thousand nine to may of two thousand ten. Wow so significant amalia. Yeah yeah hell. Yeah hell yeah. I was at home with like five six months. And we're trying to get a job call. It was social media that time so social media with the things that we'd be tech you know we'd be tweeting and Like i said. I would go up to go up to angeles show. I went up to angeles show a couple of times shave. Forty five i think was still doing what state of the union. You know what. I mean so stuff like that without there. It wasn't like you know my my. My voice wasn't wasn't being heard it just wasn't radio and then i ended up getting a gig in philly and what was so great about the gig in philly now understood how to use the internet. So when i was doing my interviews in philly. I knew it websites to send him to a new way to post them. And that's why there's stuff go virus i did and like the interview at cassie in Red cafe that went crazy while had another interview. The beanie siegel. That's the one at the last interview identified. That went crazy by. If i just knew how to utilize inept freeway ricky ross. He was another one. I interviewed him in philly. Put that out online. I understood how to use utilize the internet. So that time. I was off helped me to understand the internet in a railway and then went to philly and you a lot and ended up getting me on power. You got fired in philly.

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