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The push up bin from skip and it's over. And here comes sunny. And that's it, JR, he would go ahead and lose that match. Talk about his influence in the early parts of his career. Who were some of those influential guys. Patterson. Patterson. Any more experienced main event level talents or tell us that I had worked on many events, always were willing to talk to Iraq because he's so respectful. And willing to listen. He was young guys who didn't mind listening. He realized he didn't know everything. But he wanted you to teach everything that you knew. So you take that with it down the road. So I spent Patterson was, you know, it was probably the most influential guy there in rock career. As far as a little subtle things in ring things, nuances and things of that nature. And I'm sure there are a lot of other guys, but she just looked at one person. It was always consistent in rocks, formative years, pat Patterson would be that guy. Let's talk a little bit about Jerry Lawler and his influence. He did spend some time in Memphis. So can you kind of share any thoughts on Jerry and the time spent down there in Memphis for The Rock? Well, the Memphis territory was a good idea, it didn't function as well as OVW. And arguably, maybe even less Thatcher's operation there Cincinnati. But we had Lawler there. And we wanted to keep tabs and take a good look at and keep his hands on rock. And that's kind of how we worked that deal. Here's the thing. We knew The Rock was not going to be there long. A few weeks. I'm thinking, before we started moving around and getting even with other people that had to experience. So, you know, he was just a big, bright eyed kid that just wanted to learn. Joe, were you getting tapes on him or was just word of mouth from Jerry? Oh, we got to hate. Okay. Yeah, we good. We got some taste. We could always see how he's doing. And I always had somebody down there when they had shows trying to have somebody there that could keep a close eye on him and help him when he needed it. Well, with rocky working in Memphis, he's brought to TV occasionally back then, even to getting to Russell Owen Hart. And then on August 24th, there was a fun angle. We have the clip, but with time running out on the live TV show flex cavana, that's what he was called challenge Lawler for the title and said he leave town if he lost. With 15 seconds left in the show, Lawler hit flux with a chain and as they went off the air, they announced flex was gone. You had to know at this point he was ready for the main roster. And I'm assuming it's, you know, going off of Jerry the king Lawler's opinion in others and said, hey, it's time to get him up here at this point. Yeah, I got like that Paul. He never looked good on your site. Like rock, you just continue to help continue to getting the support that he needs and really let him run free. He's like, a wild stallion. You know, you don't put a bit in their mouth and pull their head back. Let them run. And that's kind of what we do with rock. We'd let him run when we could. There you go. Well, hey, JR, let's check out this angle. I'm telling you, if you're not an ad free show member, this is a good episode to join up because we have some rare clips that many of you may have never seen before of early days of rock, and we're going to take a look at this one. That whole angle in Memphis with Lawler. The match just about to happen. You know, that's right, Dave. When they told me earlier this week that I was going to wrestle Jerry the king Lawler. I did a little thinking, Dave. I thought to myself, well, you know what?.

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