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He is charged with several federal crimes. In a separate case, a silver spring man has been arrested for being at the Capitol during the attack is GPS ankle bracelet reveal where he had been. Ah Woodbridge Teacher is on leave after apparently telling students he was at the Capitol Riot. The Prince William Times reports. A student at Fred Lynn Medical Middle School, took video of his teachers admission and posted it on Social Media. Benjamin Plumber has been on leave since Friday. Unclear if he went inside the Capitol that day. Prince William County public schools says workers can be fired for taking part in criminal activity. They're now investigating those claims against plumber and possibly others. Meantime, in Louden County, there could be more political pressure for the resignation of state delegate Dave LaRock. Critics are blasting him for taking part in the rally and March before the riot. The Loudon County Board of Supervisors is set to vote on a resolution demanding the resignation of Dave LaRock, who represents part of Loudon County. It says low Rock has continued to make false allegations about the fairness of the election, LaRock tells w. T O P He's amazed that loud and supervisors hate what he and other conservative stand for so much that they use county resource is to engage in a political witch hunt. Iraq, says supervisors who support the resolution should resign me log unstained w T O P knows Shawn. We're just watching President elect Joe Biden and his wife, Dr Jill Biden, coming down the steps of that airplane as they Formally come into Washington for the inaugural celebrations tomorrow. And as you mentioned just a little while ago they're going to be going to a covert memorial at the Lincoln Memorial at 5 30 this evening. Yeah, the president elects plane has the landed at joint base. Andrews and Mr Biden and his wife, Jill, about to get into the lead car to take him to that ceremony. We're going to keep you up to dates all through the afternoon Here on Double d T o P up next in money news. Today and Ocean City icon closes. I'm Jeff label. It is 4 24. Sarah, We're getting ready to start a brand new here out with the old in with the new, exciting new things are about to happen. What kinds of new things people everywhere, creating happy new environments. Uh huh. For their families and their friends. I like happy new environments. No more looking in the rear view mirror. We're looking out the windshield at a happy, right. Magical future..

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