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Two three three but you know here's the thing when it comes to doing nothing believe me I understand why you might feel too nervous or scared to do anything I mean the market is doing great right but lan is the next collapse you notice I didn't say is there going to be next claps because we all know at some point there's going to be a correction or crash of some kind the market is crashing but is it going to go down even more right and and how do you know when or if it will recover putting your retirement money on the sideline under these circumstances seems like a very wise thing to do but is it well I was watching A. M. car auction the other day on TV and in L. one beautiful car after another went on the auction block I love nineteen seventy Chevelles hud loved that one but anyway well you know a lot of these cars were selling for more than a hundred thousand dollars the commentators kept on referring to the cars as either a driver or a trailer queen now for those of you who are not familiar with classic cars and I'm not super familiar with them but I know the difference between driver and trailer queen it let me let me explain to you a driver is a vehicle does that you can use to drive and a trailer queen is a car that you don't drive because you're afraid to use it so what's that have to do with retirement what is your retirement trailer queen I mean do you have a polished and shiny sitting in the corner other than being safe is a.

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