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Kind of doing the right thing to keep him happy and and being a perfect ambassador at a time that we need it for. Our sport serves well that that does. That's a that's a nice. That's a very nice gesture so Sunday. Fifty that's twenty third anniversary of his first day that he wanted Oakland and bill on the track every day doing his job making people smile show on people. What happens when you buy regular absolutely Ronald quite everybody? You can follow run. In fact we had John Sadler earlier. John is very similar to Ron. He's got a John Sadler. He's got a sadler racing. You know the the barn twitter and then he's also got the personal twitter. John W south same thing with Ron. You got the the Ron Mo- feed and you got the Mo- quit racing feet so take your choice. Use them both. They're they're both different on absolutely absolutely roddy. Thank you buddy. Thanks for having me. Not at all great great great job. Unbelievable Whitmore four straight hot springs wins and the somebody sent me we. We got a few of those We got a few of those people that The horses that accomplished you for and and and more straight wins and stakes boy. There's nothing that says he won't be able to come back for a fifth. Try either. All right we'll take a break and come back and nothing has happened on that The at the southern district. The New York They they've got a feed. They've got a video feed. Thank Pablo Morales. Sent me the the fee to their facebook page side. Who knew they even knew? They had a facebook page. And it says they'll be the press conference but it's just right now it's just a just a stage with with a podium so keep an eye on it see what happens just case. He's got an up on screen to all right. We'll break Doug O'Neill will join us. Probably about what to call it. Call it eleven forty five eastern and talk about the win and the experience they've the Barnes enjoyed in Dubai still opportunities with just what a.

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