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Really just pointed at someone's. It's ridiculous. He is such a tragic tale make your work. Whereas like, he was like, he's a handsome man, and they went into boxing, don't go into boxing. Of your face. Don't go back to butter chicken. All throw this out here. But Chadwick bozeman Chebet bozeman. I think is fantastic. He never he's a fantastically. I don't think. So what Chadwick bozeman I would say most of the cast of I'm into it. We're all like models. They were everyone's gorgeous. Even know see. No. That's a great picture of come on. You've got David Beckham on this list. Yeah. I think he's a good looking dude. There's a photo of him right next to Michael Jordan there you can up you put anyone next to Michael. But I'm just saying. If you at a club, which one do you go for man on the right? His wing man crush on. We never let to pictures of him. But just the fun. Mark mcgrath. No, Dan Lewis. Okay. Okay. All right. Didn't they Lewis? I don't think he's super wits. He's gonna look you can only be photos from my left foot. He looks crazy because he is crazy. So go great is he does he looks like, Henry Cavill? Right. They're not as ABRAHAM LINCOLN. That's a good. He was is the worst like a serial killer. That's my aunt. They lewis. He could play whatever. I would say Christian bale in parts of Batman begins. Oh, man shmelts. Pretty good was really good in other weird one. Because I remember seeing a kid in empire the sun. And that was weird. He's a child actor, and I had weird feelings seem as an adult like Batman figuring that one out. I'm out there. Sure. Both london. Look any picture of Bill Flynn. It's the opposite of Michael Jordan Eamon or as drug. I look up any picture. Yeah. Bell is good liquid. I think you keep specifically looks better when he's really big there. It is. That's that's that's man slide by. Yeah. He is good looking assured. There's a shot. Pretty boy. I remember seeing him in. No, my so called life TV show. Remember being a kid me like that? Boy, pretty well. He pledged her shit. Probably he fled. Geez. No. So good. Look was he was it first night or whatever it is. Nice fill up a list of. London. The hottest men of color in Hollywood. And some of these dudes are hottest fuck, but I've never heard of them, which of course, we haven't. Because that's how the system why? Okay. He's on the this guy's name TV. When he's curious holy shit. When did you go? Super handsome like if you Jack dudes look. He's six pack beer Bill. I liked his son is super not into increase. Actually, find him. What find him repulsive? Oh, dear. Average. We've got our list. I think we do also we can play the longer game after this. Yeah. Yeah. This game. We used. Stitch fix..

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