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Floor then the bill is all but dead so what ends up happening there jonathan as you know readership feel strongly about say a budget deal we saw in february about it meeting to get past they end up having to rely on democrats and are forced to kind of negotiate with nancy pelosi and legislation i think it's up becoming more liberal at the end because freedom caucus members don't want to go on board so so elena with what's your piece is titled the man who would be speaker and it's all about steve scalise the house majority whip when speaker ryan announced that he was not going to seek reelection you open your peace with this vignette of house majority leader kevin mccarthy calling a meeting with congress member scalise and and one other member of the leadership to basically buttonholed them into supporting him meaning mccarthy but congress member scalise whip scalise after that meeting goes on television and kinda doesn't doesn't announce that he's going to support the majority of the majority leader congressman mccarthy for the position how is it that mccarthy seems to be facing a challenge from a man scalise who most people didn't know about even a year ago well you're absolutely right whips someone who has always been kind of a reliable conservative within the house has always jittered goodwill i but he didn't really have that kind of possess someone like kevin mccarthy he is this flamboyant back flapper who you know i wrote this is a pc stand in front of him and you can't help but be seduced into believing you're in the presence of a political mastermind sheets places not necessarily like that so then i think hard for him to kind of figure out a way to breakthrough that ceiling taboo and crafts doesn't sound what happened to him last year on the baseball field when like you mentioned at the beginning of this segment he nearly died offered an opportunity for americans to get to know him and that's hugely important i think in terms of generating the popular support and goodwill that can really help in these leadership elections a lot of members who are close to him told me that you know for the first time i think americans were seeing that there are members of congress who are.

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