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And his whatever that's one of those where the the head of an organization is saying the advice this player is getting is bad advice right like his uncle dennis or whoever pops up out of nowhere it he's like i don't understand how you're sabotaging yourself out of san antonio which is the only team that could offer you in a year the supermax where you would get a zillion dollars but now he desperately needs to go to la why i mean on a huge market but you also hear different things about quiet leonard like well he doesn't really want to be like you know have all the attention on them are you going to la playing with a braun and the whole market thing i understand it's a legitimate thing but in this day and age doesn't not the global economy it feels like you can do anything from anywhere i think especially in the nfl and the nba like everybody over there have you heard of russell westbrook great have you seen him a little bits and he's been playing in oklahoma city is entire career i just don't think it's you know thirty years ago where yes you could make so much more in la because there was just money being thrown around you'll find you so we've got to go back to something you had a great tease no we already forgot see it's tough you had a great teaser we didn't pay it off though specifically you did not pay it off we started going down a different road we did what was your ts before and then what and there was a player that i lost a lotta respect for slash greatly disliked during the nba postseason eastern conference player but with one tweet last night he got back on my good side let's say was that player malcolm brogden no anybody kyle korver no kyle korver large man bonuses kid no aaron beans doc i love that signing love the aaron bain signing and then you see him focus on delivering mit yeah right it's very easy get distracted baby so a player you didn't like glenn davis no it's somebody who lost to the celtics loft immediately when he did tony snell no all right why don't you just tell us go well you don't like joel embiid now i thought he was a kind of dushi through that hole is he they're getting smoked yeah whining and then he just walked off the court i just he rubbed me completely the wrong way it wasn't a good enough sport for you you don't care about sports for a different show right the summer rubber good sportsmanship so we should have a sportsmanship roundtable later on this summer would not win sports but you need the other and what it is i'm aware of it i'm aware of it so now you love joel embiid love him with probably ten words last night in reference clear reference to lebron he he'd been recruiting lebron they wanted to bring him to philly right the process the end of the process process whatever that would have been that would have been worse case for the celtics would have been terrible this was best case worst case but a very good tweet in which he said let me say effect i don't have it in front of art during breaking even have the tweet in front of you lakers will always be magic and kobe's team process that i liked that lebron and a good shot to 'cause you know lebron cares about things like that i nailed it did not you just brought it up and i nailed the halloween what was yours again say what it actually is go ahead lakers will always be magic in kobe's dot dot dot process that pretty close the lakers are forever forever forever with all caps that was the key word here gum and be kobe's and magic's team process.

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