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President Trump may not see congress as a threat to his foreign policy agenda, even as Democrats prepare to take control of the house after the midterm elections. But New York democratic congressman Eliot Engel is drawing up an aggressive oversight plan for January when he is expected to seize the gavel of the house foreign affairs committee it story by Deirdre chess green foreign affairs reporter at USA today. Deirdre explain I mean, as, you know, congress, we have not pushed back on Trump's foreign policy agenda, so far even as he's, you know, picked a trade war with China, and, you know, gotten into sort of nasty fights with longtime US allies that will change dramatically come January because House Democrats want a majority, and they will be chairing key committees, namely, the house foreign affairs committee. The congressmen who's expected to take that gamble is Eliot Engel from New York. And he drawing up an aggressive oversight plan, including demanding secretary of state, Mike Pompeo at witness table. What can Mr. angle actually do here? That's a good question. I mean, the the president has wide latitude to execute foreign policy, but congress can you congress has a range of tools that can use high profile hearings investigations. Pinos, and perhaps most importantly funding powers to they could force foreign policy changes that could include delivering assistance to key allies at Trump wants to cut or defunding, not conflicts. It indirectly or directly here. This could boy impact relations with Saudi Arabia, given the investigation in finger pointing over the depth of Jamal kashogi. Absolutely. I think you're gonna see a lot of scrutiny of Trump's handling of the kashogi canes, and that's gonna start even before Democrats. Take over in January because Republicans are also uneasy with the way Trump has handled this including the president's questioning of CIA conclusion that the Saudi Crown prince ordered can showcase murder. So I think you know, even this week you're going to start to see rumblings on the hill at about some legislation that could punish Saudi Arabia. Dear chef green foreign affairs reporter at USA today. Her piece is called Trump's foreign policy agenda faces a gauntlet of house. Democrats led by New York's Eliot Engel. Does Mr. angle have a beef with Mr. Pompeo, by the way. He does he was very put out lashed earlier this year when Tom pale testified before the Senate foreign affairs committee, but but said he didn't have time to come to the house foreign affairs committee. So I think that really rankled him Pompeo has since moved to make amends shortly after the November six elections when Democrats won a majority Pompeo made the trip to Capitol Hill for a private meeting with Carson angle. I think that signals that he beat oh Pompeo a former house member himself realizes that the power that angle is going to real and that he needed to go up there. And and let him know that he's willing to cooperate. What was the thinking behind Mr. Pompeo saying no to the house inquiry? But yes to the Senate inquiry put the tenant has more say over the Trump administration's nominee, obviously they have. The advise and consent power. So they can block State Department nominees or confirm them. And so you really don't want to kick off the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, dear John, Deere, dealerships, green foreign affairs reporter at USA today..

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