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Fake Mets owner, Fred wilpon. In a statement on the hiring of Brodie van wagon Brody showed us he is a progressive thinker who is prepared for this role brody's high character blend of analytics, scouting and development ideas illustrate why he will be successful. Well, in twenty five words or less when he was representing the degrom and Syndergaard and assessment is and Todd Frazier to end also Jason Vargas, maybe the top client of a mall one who is representing those five. He would go to Fred wilpon. And really Jeff wilpon and say, Jeff this is what we want now that he's crossing over. He will say to was former clients. Will you take this one eight seven seven three three seven six six six six Tessa is calling from west Caldwell Taza house. Steve thanks so much for taking my call. Thank you. If I may see what I just want to make two comments. Go ahead. Eli manning has been the same quarterback since in year one to fifteen so now that's a whole entire team is basically playing like garbage everyone wants to take the easy out and blame Iwo mobile quarterback. Steve Hertz Aaron Rodgers all. A quarterback right now read Brady they can win a game at the seven seventeen. Like, I'm just so upset. Like. What do they do only? Practice practice. But I'm sick of it. All. You need to cut it out. Because that's a do supposed to work hard to get back to the field. Behave yourself to get this money, but more so just to be more role model. Okay. Well, you made your would you consider him the future of the team for another year another two years where? Where did you? Where'd you make a change earnestly? Steve at the rate of our record still probably get another top five pitch. I will keep alive. His last year. Let him mentor that rookie quarterback when it comes down to quarterback takeover do because you can have an arm when he has time. He's getting it down the field right now. He does he can throw long distance shorts and things has really wanna get everybody. And we haven't got all the time in the world. And I do hope you call a Guinea comments on the record or respected. And and he deserves all the respect in the world for what he's done. But you gotta look at the future. And when you're one in seven and trending worse than that. Bottom line is the don't make a big deal about it. No press conference go on the road at halftime. If the giants are losing by a lot done. Look like the offense is moving at all. Let Lor weather for the sake of giving us a chance to see what he can. Can or can't do have them come in for the second half. And I'm sure you lie would be able to take breath already and definitely's gonna finish out the season with the giants. And let them start the final game of the season in week seventeen against America's team where he can get the kind of sendoff from the fans that love him that respect him as we all do his time has come and gone. He is not he's part of the problem. Unfortunately for the New York football giants, a younger quarterback might be able to run away and create a play when the heat and the pressure is there evil. I can't do that anymore. Jimmy is calling from Missouri. And Jimmy you're on the fan as we go national to the mid west. What does it Jimmy? Oh, man. Steve. It's so good to hear your voice. I moved out of New York a year and a half ago. And I haven't heard you speak eighteen months. It's unbelievable. Wealthy wacko. Well, there's something wrong with you on this is why are you probably should stay in Missouri. Holies New York to come to Missouri. Well, you know, maybe one or visit and see Harry Truman's house. But that's about it. What about the arch? Well, listen, I can see that going to McDonald's. How do you go by with the Red Sox? You wanna talk. Ahead. The I. Greatest off in the twenty first century. But they don't act like they've been there before then that's the sad part. I mean, the Red Sox. Great team, congratulations. I mean, listen, they won one hundred nineteen games. Bottom line is they can't get the Yankees out of their heads. I mean, I think it was absolutely Klatten. I'm not the Yankee fan. I mean, I'm a met fan. But I mean, certainly if I'm the Boston Red Sox, I'm gonna play New York New York and start chanting with the Yankees in the locker room have probably win the World Series against the dodgers. I'm going to Fenway park to see the Red Sox in the World Series. And I'm thing about the Yankees. What is so ridiculous and classless if you're a Red Sox fan seriously, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You probably hate the Yankees more than you love or like your own Boston Red Sox, Stephen..

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