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Cafe e lead chuck a lot though in Yori multiple nomadic on perhaps alcohol Parmi pay a medic on on a vote. TROPPO INTELLIGENT MIA madre ditching shaken by the mortars. No doubt have no fear though tonight nothing Out The sort Cherie chess but it they they medicom not likely. I think something's hit my legs. God the blood must go. Red Cross did not sign you up to die for us. Unfortunately it did tell Ya know. Now gimme your damn hand. We're GONNA crawl out of this mess. If it kills US and kill him almost did Hemingway's act of Heroism Zero Ism just a month into his tour under the Red Cross earned in the Italian silver medal of bravery at eighteen years old however the shrapnel hits taken to both his legs were a harsh cost young ernest was shipped back to Milan. Where surgery saved his ability to walk? Still it took six months to recover any semblance of normality malady. But leave it to Hemingway to get down to romance while under duress during his stay in Milan he met and seduced his older nurse. Agnes von Kurowski agnes became the prime inspiration. For one of Hemingway's most famous characters. Catherine Barkley from a farewell to arms agnes was earnest's first great love and when the time came for his return to America he refused to let their connection die goodness ernest. You're drunk on your beautiful. Well hope you had a sloppy must be America calling out. You shouldn't drink. You're still on medication. I'm disappointed agnes. It has a nurse at the front. You must know what the most important medication of all this. None of that on the street. No Oh why the secrets anymore were to be married. Aren't we all we OUGHTA. Don't be coy. You accepted my proposal two nights before sealy boy. If I knew all that was waiting for me across the sea I would have made this journey ages ago and you definitely would've died then. Do not pretend not love me. Agnes I know you do. It would be hard not to my idea. Promise me I'll settle back into Chicago. I'll send for you. My parents will be amazed that they will be. Please Watch your today because as you move about. Forget my legs I I know only you promise me agnes I promise silly boy. I plum Earn assailed home with dreams in his head dreams that were quickly. Vanquished wants back in America Ernest. Receive word from Agnes Agnes that she had married an Italian officer. There loves possibility was simply and illusion of war. This shook ernest to his core stranded back at his parents house with two bum. Legs no prospects. He nearly drifted away at the last moment. Three things saved him a job offer a new city and the girl who reminded him of that beautiful nurse. He lost to time in one thousand nine hundred twenty ernest. Hemingway met Hadley Richardson a vivacious. Girl from Saint Louis much like Agnes. She was older than Ernest. Unlike agnes she did not have the good sense to perhaps not marry a guy you met a few months ago. Their engagement came quicker than in his entire relationship with Agnes and freshly equipped with a new posting as a foreign correspondent for the Toronto Star newspaper Hadley and Ernest took their lives to Paris. If he could not have a European girl he would have a city in her place. Although the move was justified by favourable exchange rate for American cash Hemingway's ulterior career. Motives soon became clear perhaps inspired by his war. Comrade John Dos Passos. Hemingway came to Paris for the culture specifically the art and literature. That you're seeing gathering around a peculiar American expats home. The Salon of Gertrude. Stein around comes Joyce once more out of his Gaelic Gaelic mine on Sangria pissing on the print. She stole from Picasso itself because at this sounds vaguely to take gets not one of his best. This is incredible Sherwood was right. Had this room is the center of the city again. Mr Pound and Mr Joyce. The stories are wonderful but everyone might actually like to hear themselves. Think now why here themselves when they can hear me. Perhaps they'd like to make a proper introduction to everyone our new guests tonight Hadley and Ernest Hemingway. We'd like to express how pleased we are to be here. Pleased have we are scholar here. This is not the university son and certainly. Isn't the only three quarters of the people here. Alcoholics out to drink to that. We'll return to our story in just a moment. Hi It's Carter. Sure you're a fan of true crime but are you ready to put your skills to the test and be crowned undisputed expert. Then try your hand at par cast new Trivia. PODCAST killer knowledge. Join me every Tuesday as to competitors go head to head to to correctly answer multiple choice true crime questions. Whoever gained the most points after twenty questions wins? It's all the murder mystery and suspense suspense. You've come to expect from podcast now. In a fast paced interactive format each episode dives deep into different shocking topic from history such says the Manson family Jimmy Hoffa and even the Jonestown massacre with each question and answer comes additional context surrounding the event enlightening even the most most knowledgeable true crime lover. You can play by yourself. Challenge your friends and prove your prowess by sharing results with Park. Cast on social media you. You never know you may even find yourself in the hot seat one day. Follow killer knowledge free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts now back to the life of Ernest Hemingway Ernest. I'd love to chat for a moment. Of course I hear you've come to Paris to right. Well I've been tinkering with the thought. I respect the idea. Is it play over here but I think the American style Exa a strong clear perspective your inner journalist coming out no not like that but the words used to convey the news can be reimagined reapplied side two fiction to the inner self well and never thought of it quite that way but yes I've read a few of your pieces all right then you have touch earnest and meeting makes it clear to me your one of my lost. Excuse me you you hold it well but the world has shaken. The most recent generation caused them to lose a step some in the process however gained a slight insight a lost generation the lost generation. You see that in me enough to turn the pages yes I do in the Montparnasse quarter were Stein lived. She gathered together. The greatest minds of this lost generation and fostered an artistic culture that would resonate for decades. It's it was during these years as argued with Ezra pound drank with James Joyce and studied under Gertrude. Stein that Hemingway's signature style came into existence stance. Hemingway himself later described it as the iceberg or theory of omission instead of diving deep into the emotions the romantics or or engaging in deep psychological deconstruction of characters hemingway brought his journalistic skill of brevity to the page by saying the absolute bare minimum about out characters and crafting simple description of setting and plot. Hemingway believed he could focus the reader's attention onto filling out the outlines themselves so basically Gli. He believed that by showing as little as possible. The audience would actually be able to perceive the emotional enormity of esteems stories to give them a spiny sense for detecting protecting the full iceberg. That is human existence. Hemingway style perfectly sinked with the modernistic artistic movement of time putting together the transatlantic antic review with Ezra pound and others. Hemingway began releasing his short stories. His first story Indian camp was about a boy forced to watch his father. Perform an emergency agency c-section on a native American woman themes of death life and women were already at the forefront of his mind. The modernist audience responded very well so so much. So that after befriending F Scott Fitzgerald who had just found great success with the Great Gatsby. Hemingway decided that a novel was also his next mountain to climb on his professional. Life was not the only thing influx Hadley was a lively companion for Ernest in these European days and they would often travel with friends is to pimp blown a Spain for the festivity of the bullfights they had their first child in nineteen. twenty-three named John Hadley Nick Noor. After his mother and earnest's is favorite. bullfighter gertrude. Stein became the child's godmother but his earnest reputation increased. He found himself increasingly at odds with his motherly mentor. This initial dispute dispute evolved into a decade-long scandal regarding who truly coined the term loss generation young vain and arrogant and his new-found dominance of the local scene. Hemingway was happy to claim it for himself in front of the press and as he wrapped up work on his first novel the Sun also rises inspired by Hadley and his travels to Pamplona and channeling the weariness and Philistine nature of the loss generation. Hemingway found a stronger source of support from a friend named Pauline pfeiffer. We're Hadley Hadley hoped. Ernest would be more selective and cautious in his choice of publisher. Pauline thought the novel needed to be released as soon as possible. So earnest took the first offer given to him followed quickly by a divorce. Order from Hadley. Hemingway was married to pauline within months of a separation old ernest. Never want to rush into things. All of this occurred as the sun also rises became a sensation. It contained many elements considered scandalous for the time it detailed the excessive lifestyle of the lost generation. They're drinking partying and sex in fact. The novel drew criticism from his own friends as hemingway had clearly based the characters and their dirty little secrets on people. Well he knew Hemingway's mother was not a fan either hoping he would go back to the less sensationalist pursuit of journalism. Yeah on the world. Stage it struck a modernist dischord critic Henry. James Believed Hemingway's writing was an echo of the effects of world. War One that in his words hemingway saw.

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