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Jiggles already worry me on i have everyone asking for ticket now he look in a perfect world i would have stacks since stacks here i love you his ten ticket we don't have any my favorite is the people that come out like i sat in back of you two rows behind you we chemistry do you remember me i had black hair and glina is by 930 dover and let this printer that i have in my but let it just by i have my ticket ticketmaster my but printer because i not being from here i don't have classmates and you know extended family whose reaching out so i know this is a good lineup this year because people are reaching out to me and i it i p we need to tell be like every ticket that is printed is already allotted yes someone has already gone these tickets to spell out of my amos less fouled out but i will tell you we have reserved a lot of tickets to give away you know as we do you always give them way so find a jingle ball go to find a way to get an uncle johnny's here good morning oncogenes allow later tuesday uri so great t homes on so uncle johnny had the blender he's getting ready to come committee make his blender drinks it so great teed generously offered to help wrightwood as i did as an uncle johnny i'll be y'all can help you out and other johnny goes back i i don't need any help have been doing this from fifty eight yes he's a try to help you get and you try at yet fifty eight million this all right well then carry on day so we were talking about how old we are versus how young we are ogle johnny and his friend richard bell when they get on the subway yes you guys will be on the subway car with a look at a dozen other people and i'll just a couple of designate zip at cut subway cars blow when we look around and which looks at me and goes.

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