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They do a different take on it they bring you this handle pot and rather than being just ground beef this has grown bison native american meet very lean and then they bring you these four slice of bread so you can make like a sloppy joe and honestly every time i go there that's additionally we got a few appetizers first so we also did this set your shrimp roe was greet the portion was small but that's okay this sauce who's a yellow vinegar at spicy sauce the came with it that was very good and we also did the somoza which was a little fluky the filling could have been a little bit more for me personally but i still thought the flavors were there to waste this restaurant is going there is a sort of a small places on and apoptosis a small plaything that's intended for people to share and they're they're they're more expensive insurance when we got there and i was thinking oh yeah the premium wines thorough the 25 to 35dollar dishes i thought this would be like the entrees but when the waitress six blamed ships telling us we need to order more i will say there was a couple of things that i thought were extremely stand out dishes but i was surprised by the size of the dishes like we ended up getting food like afterwards okay well what did you order what i thought was amazing was this chat it was these spinach which has like the court dust on it is an ice or that came out pretty hardy we also got these little flights that gold golf of the goal go put lights they were really unique and creative i thought they were like a really fun among his goal gupta is a set of bill porter's had the tops cut off it's a former street food the third with a little fruit yeah there's a limit on eunato ultra bottles and you're supposed to put one one in each wanted to get a taste and if you ask they will bring you a few more of those poor east because need to go into here we had all these flights of water is cheer you know we had one eye of them and then that was gone it was gone vote we got the lobster as the premium okay we were in front of me did they were still.

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