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Wonder about falls in this game now what is still leaves decides pretty damn good all you'd better police a dad the terrific front that secondary was all over the place i told jim schwartz coach not a good a great game against the atlanta falcons last week i thought peterson had a great game with settings falls up putting him and constables situations but i think we could degree here jeff money the atlanta defense a much different looking defense that the one seat for minnesota and i think if your wage is going to be a winner and if philadelphia is going to win this game is a threepoint other doc the biggest kiefer you generating a pass rush frustrating case skied on because the numbers indicate when he's get rushed when he's getting pressured there are very good absolutely absolutely we'll we'll see what happened on foreign perina playoff forty one in twenty seven on the year we'll see what happened jeff body always a pleasure galati andrew of the games here on sunday he is going with the favored new england patriots lay the seven and a half he is also going with the philadelphia eagles plus although tori it has been called me crazy others the came up absolutely looking forward to more would be minnesota and philadelphia because any time i have two tortured franchises goal it added that is juicy stuff to me the fact that minnesota or philadelphia is going to be representing the nfc in the super bowl pretty crazy now it wasn't a crazy thought when costa wentz was healthy right consequence was one of the leading candidates for mvp a year he was a special talent a special player in philadelphia look like as good as any team that you'll find in a week according to win but remember and i was linked discharge even though i called the audible active philadelphia last week i told you guess i wonder philly can win a playoff game when they false they've won one he's been up and down his entire career kitty put together a second high quality performance and break the hordes to the minnesota vikings yet again eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six we had to irving ten and i don't ties gonna make.

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