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The NFL owners have voted nearly unanimously to include pass interference among those calls allowed to be replayed and review. Here's the part that we did not coming. Not only are passing her fear calls now review -able by NFL, but non call after hours with Amy Lawrence overnights. Two to six eastern on CBS sports radio. Nineteen fifty nine. This week in nineteen fifty nine winners of the first Grammy awards were announced ceremony was held simultaneously in two locations. One in Beverly Hills and one in New York City twenty eight Grammys awarded the amount of which would grow in fluctuate as categories were ended or remove the event wasn't televised. The second award show. Also in fifty nine was however, it wouldn't be aired live until the thirteenth annual Grammy awards in nineteen seventy one. Get the sports talk with my partner. And the never pro here. Three eastern Pacific on CBS sports radio. On a roll. Now, he going to have to jump in with both feet. You have to pay strict attention for your out, the Judy Mexico is back. Here's Judy MAC with CBS sports radio. I'm busy Sunday. Joined amac with what we plan to have is a good show touching down on a lot of different bases. Rick our tell NFL draft bible gonna join us next down and get your drive related questions in. If you want to get Ricky on the line, give us another twenty.

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