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New York, but it's just too painful even if you don't live in New York City. An embarrassment that he used to live in Massachusetts. It's an embarrassment to the United States of America that he's the mayor of the largest city. And we're joined now by Seth Baron. He say he's a great journalist in New York, and you may have seen him on Fox or read his columns in the City Journal, which is a great great website and then or the New York Post. He's got a new book out. It's called the Last Days of New York a reporter's true tale. And it's It's about Bill de Blasio and what he's done to the city of New York. Seth thanks for being with us here on the highway car show. Tremendous pleasure, Hally. What? What the Carlos. Danger AK Anthony Weiner would he had been elected? If he hadn't gotten into that sexting scandal, would we have been we meaning? All Americans have been spared this. Yeah, I think that's actually not a bad, um, supposition. Uh, it could well be that he probably would have gotten a lot of the support that went to build a Blasio. And if he'd just, you know, kept things together a little bit. We might have been spared other last eight years. Yeah, I mean, not that he would have been anything to write home about. But I mean, the Blasio just has basically no interest in the nuts and bolts of effective governance, Does he? Well, The thing about De Blasio is it's very, um people see him as a failure, and that's true. He's been a failure from the perspective of you know.

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