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It off to the second man that's a little more for a short game, and then he shoved backwards after a pick up of a yard by seen once again. Second and nine is kind of a late dump off their bill because again he started to face some late pressure from this Georgia defence and credit the Bulldogs early on because they got right on top of everything that was happening down field, just dump this one off. He's fortunate to get just a one yard gain. In an exciting and explosive game thus far, Georgia two touchdowns on the board Now here come the Gators down of the 19 just five minutes into the game. On second down and nine from the Georgia 19 out of the gun. The hand off goes to Damien. Here's running right up the middle, gets down to the 15 yard line. Five yards on the second Downplay Sign and Tyson Candle the corner. Ring down Dany and Pierce tailback. Go quick, Third down line of scrimmage, the 14 of Georgia. Trash picking over his left shoulder to the sideline with players signaled in their trips to the right and one receiver to the left alone. Backer names Damien Pierce. Down on the 14 for trash calling for the ball in the rain here in Jacksonville, Snap comes back. Here comes the rush little jump pass over the middle by sorter sprinting into the end zone Touchdown, Gators. He jumped to throw the football Trask. It's his 19 touchdown of the season, and Justin Shorter takes it in for six. Justin Shorter plays the wide receiver position, but he's almost like a tight end body at 65 £225 just coming on, really. The lazy, shallow crossing route. Catching the ball over the middle is you mentioned Trask, his hands gets a little bit of a block downfield gets into the end zone for a touchdown. Evan McPherson in to attempt the extra point and it's in the air and it is good. So we have played six minutes and 40 seconds of SEC football. And a big 12 game has broken out. 14 7 is the score that some things have shifted in college football. Even here in the SEC, these offenses are all about putting points on the board now. It'll be a lot of fun today. Well, it's time to ask the pro's where we.

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