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My friends, and I look over it, and I see Mick Foley at one of the rides just he's wander around. He's got some of the guy might be like an agent or something. And I got so excited because I was such a huge fan of the sky, right? I quickly turned to my friends and my friends go Fred has a napkin and pen in her purse, I snatch a run up to the guy and I say, I am such a big fan I love all your matches. I love your characters. Can you give me an autograph and his whoever Hughes wit guy in between us and he turned his back on I can't right now? I hurt my shoulder and his other guy just pushed away said he's going to be going on right now. Thank you very much. And they walk away. Anything? That's brutal. You're not a fan anymore. Are you? What I saw on TV after that. I just, I couldn't get that bad taste, right. Yeah. Good guy. I just couldn't he seems like the he seems like the guy that would stop giving autograph. I mean maybe he's having a bad day. I don't know. But yeah. I mean how can you just not run up to tell what a big fan yard here? Just signed this take literally like two seconds of the man's time anyone give it to you. Maybe who knows NWEA forever time. Great. Thanks so much for calling in New Jersey. Shell. Don't worry about it. The look, I just gave what was that? What are you talking about? We'll wrestling legal inside wrestling there. Yeah. W. Oh, come on. New world order. My bad. All right. Let's go to Chuck, and you're on New Jersey, one zero one point five. Hi, chuck. Hey how you guys doing? Chuck. Devon horse show watching my wife one day. And I'm just leaning against ole in also look to the right. And there's Bruce Springsteen, he's everywhere that guy. And I don't believe in bothering people we stood there for about fifteen twenty minutes. Also, my turn around, there's like fifty people. He just walked away. But he looked just like imagine Bruce thing. Some people did. And then forced him to leave. Yes, we are friends came up. The way we were. If we had a moment. John, thanks so much for calling in. You get away with just a man, love you work. Can you get away with that? And like and like yeah. Because I think in that situation, maybe they would be like, oh, did you want, like they'll ask you, do you want to get a picture? Right. Right, right. Yeah. I'll give you an autograph or whatever. Go the opposite. Where I'm like, who are you are toge Avimo, the worst thing ever did right now? We'll have a minute to get a call. Well, that's a good. I'm saying we're like you turned Bruce in your like I'm sorry. What's your name? We Jeff nice to meet you. Guide. Bruce fantastic guy. He's soft spoken Jennifer voice. You're on New Jersey, one zero one point five. Hi, jennifer. Town. Very good. One thousand nine hundred five and I had the opportunity to go to the MTV awards. So you know, stars are everywhere and I was excited, I was only seventeen at the time and I see Neal schon the tar player for journey at the time you know, they were big. So he was talking with these girls. And I was kind of standing there with my camera waiting to get my picture with him. And he was finally finished and he went to walk away, and then his manager, somebody said Neil, I think someone wants a picture with you, and you like role. Did I it's like so annoyed? Sean, would pay ninety bucks for someone to take a picture with them today. I thought about it later years later, the girls, it was talking to a model blond Barbie doll looking girl seventeen year old, you know, waiting for the picture. So he wasn't that interested. Of course, the picture with me, but I have a picture, and we're both kind of like because at that point I wasn't excited anymore. And I did it to be nice. So I'm hand now. Right. The look on our faces picture of him walking away. We're up against drug. We'll listen, don't stop believing..

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