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The defensive tackle. I mean, forklifting him off the ground and Harris clearly felt some type of way about that after the play. I'm sorry, excuse me. That was savion Jackson that he was tied up there with him. Dumped him late after the play there. It was probably borderline. By Dylan gibbons, the former Notre-Dame transfer has come over and in the NIL era done such a great job with his foundation raising money. All that to underscore Dylan given outstanding human being off the field, what he's done, big man, big heart, but on that play, I don't hate it. That kind of finish sends a message up front on the offensive line. He's taught to play through the echo of the whistle Alex Atkins who's their offensive coordinator and line coach, probably loves that, but it gets you in a bad situation here now for a half where you've already struggled offensively. Third down and 17 from their own 18 after they are backed up, the NC state deep ends trying to get the crowd loud on this long third down 5 wide receivers empty backfield for Jordan Travis. He drops back in the pocket, has plenty of time fires. This one hard and incomplete. It was knocked away by NC state Cyrus fagan in on that play against his Alma mater. And backed up at that distance the trouble was sitting at three three 5, he got three deep safeties and Cyrus fagan clamps down on that attempt for Michael Pittman. And that penalty, the undoing Florida state

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