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Alpha data and now gamma robert keebler a partner with keebler and associates in green bay wisconsin and dill ravi a professor at the university of wisconsin in whitewater wisconsin first up is david blanchett seem to think that tax what you call a cow tax alpha is one of the most overlooked aspects of investing so personally why is that and it gets more importantly what his packs alpha through but i'll say this thing the investment professional sneak i also it's kind of a riskadjusted out performance so you know one example of that you pick a mutual fund that returns ten percent in this category returns tall for sense a you're negative i also have two percent well you know alpha the kirsan lots of different ways one example is is in taxes and i think that it too many investors overlook the importance of taxes when it comes to taking investments are building investment strategy so they might be sitting with uh they they might be thinking that they have a large ira or they might be getting a large and social security but all they found a pretax basis so it obviously becomes pretty important right now it's not what you have but slipped your teeth prices is that's on the principle at work here so that's what it is i mean and investors return isn't that is sees taxes than inflation rates i think that it you know people should nicholas he is an inhuman inflation is things you know increase in terms of cost the taxes are often invisible and when you when you pick mutual funds your investments you may think hey this is a great mutual fund manager at oklahoma tears but at the same time easy it's not very taxefficient and so you know realizing hey maybe i should own this investments in um an ira versus a taxable accounts figuring out how to kind of create the right strategies can really goose an investors wealth and create off so there's a general rule against if you're retired a general rule iran how much money you should withdraw and from which account so i guess that raises two things one is to make sure that you have all.

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