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Safety plan. Under city guidelines, Face coverings will need to be worn at all times. While inside and out. Also, you'll need to register for those fitness classes. The tricky part is capacity, which must be limited to no more than 10. People for indoor and outdoor public gatherings, Movie theatres and museums are still closed under the first stage of Phase three. And Summerville, James RoHaas W B Z Boston's News Radio Alice Summer turns to fall It won't be long before we start to turn in the shorts and sun tan lotion for sweaters. And roaring fires and fears that going indoors will spark another outbreak of the virus. Dr. John Brown Steen at Boston Children's Hospital says many states across the country should have been prepping for this months ago. Many states had a lot of warning and could have done more to prep for this moment of the fall, and now we have this fall coming up right where people are crowding endures, the drier conditions are going to make for better virus transmission. That's a recipe for disaster and college kids are back on campus. And they continue to fight for their right to party. But it's nowhere near fun and games of yesteryear. More than 50,000 covert cases have been reported on Mohr than 1000 college campuses nationwide. UNH is one of them where W B Z TV's Michael across as a college frat house now finds itself on thin ice for hosting a party that led to a cluster, A spokesman from the fraternity's national office released a statement saying. Students, health and safety are essential to fatal Kai's mission. The fraternity expects chapters to follow all applicable laws and regulations. You know, the students really have to do three things where those masks physical distance and don't get together and party, Durham town manager Todd Selig says. He's a really disappointed with this student's behavior. You know, it only takes a few bad actors in a party like this to set things. In a negative direction. Students are hoping the parties will stop so they can stay on campus, Of course, Northeastern University in Boston, making headlines for telling 11 of its students late last week to go home For partying, and they're not going to get their money back either. Saito three. We check traffic and weather together every 10 minutes out to the highways, now with Lori Grandi and look at the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive Traffic on the threes. What could possibly go wrong? Laurie hadn't absolutely everything and right now we have a couple of different things going on right now. In fact, it crash on either side of the road. This's Route three North and South on right by 53 in Hanover, so that's going on right there. Once you get on the expressway, who it's tough from furnace for Parkway to Columbia Road right now, let's check out the downtown area with Krista Neck in the Mob free Insurance Road report is still pretty unpleasant Lord and the Lever down ramp heading down towards Storrow Drive. It's heavy and slow all the way. Down from back in the beginning down the leverage Circle. Storrow Drive West is slow until you get out to around the Longfellow Bridge. Then everything sorts itself out over a memorial drive eastbound watch for that right wing work. That's long term work going on before Mass out of state to the left there Now, the Tobin Bridge inbound is jammed up in the City Square tunnel waiting to get on the lever connector, The Sumner Tunnel That's been good all morning. It still is. And the Ted Williams Tunnel looks pretty good. Both directions. Krista Neck in the mob free insurance rotor part All right, still very heavy on 95 north out through Canton. Also Eastman, Mass. Pike is tied up between the supermarket overpass and Newton corner. Expect some delays. There were still some delays as well. On the orange line. This morning, it's residual North bound delays about 10 to 15 minutes due to an earlier medical emergency at Jackson Square. Laurie granted NBC's traffic on the three love the clouds and you love the fog. You're going to need to wait a while to see it again because most of it has burned off here in Boston. We are under blue skies and 67. Agrees,.

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