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So it goes back to that we eat with our eyes. I and I've learned that from my grandmother, and I think that's applicable. For a table setting. I think it's affable for big city in a park, or or you and your backyard on the topic of preservation, we've tried to do just stat. At the Bush center, we sit next to a fifteen acre park that restores the land to a bite of looked like for the city of Dallas arrived is filled with native trees and flowers plants and grasses are you seeing more of this type of project and other cities or do we still have a long way to go before making a true large impact? We do have a long way to go into that. First question. I am seeing it, and I'm fortunate enough that with my books, and my design business, I do get to travel, and that's one of the first things that I look at a touchdown could be an almost city or may be in Roanoke, Virginia or or Santa Barbara wherever the place is that a lay on the first thing that a look for is what are they doing ear to give back to to nature to the town to the environment. And part of that is that that exciting Greenspace I love which all done at the Bush library and the Bush center. Because you get right back to that Texas Wildflower that Texas field, and what it does it sets the tone. You know, we're fortunate enough that we can bring in or concerned Hawaii or roses from, you know, south Texas, or wherever and put together amazing, flower arrangements and hotel lobby, but they're still something pretty authentic, an amazing about having something that has has been there, you know, since time began and having those wildflowers in those native granaries around really really do not only favor to the environment. But they give back that psychological effect that that a Greenspace truly has see said we still have a long way to go. Are you worried about the planet? I was just reading a story recently about a be shortages and others not enough of them to do the vital job of fallen eating plants and the source suggested that robot bees can help which to me sounds like the plot of horror movie, but it's out there as a possible solution as a man that is one with nature. Are you worried? I am worried and the worry is this. I'm going to answer your question with a question. Did you the glass to orange juice this morning or coffee? Did you have some berries with your yogurt? If you have eaten any fruit, you know, in the last twenty four hours, you can think of be, and I think the first the first key to really any problem to begin. Any solution is knowledge is that information of how do we tell people? These really do affect our daily life. You may not think about as you reported the strawberries over your cereal this morning, but those strawberries were pollinated somehow and the bees and those on insects order doing that. I think fantastic that we have technology that help us, but the original tried and true method of that pollination with the bees is incredible. So it is it's a it's a big daunting task to think about the environment and and any in any solution. How of how to fix it? I think the first and foremost thing to do is inform people to let them know. You know, what Bayes do pollinate our fruits and vegetables or two thing. You know, what it really is amazing that saving this much water or this much gasoline..

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