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She's on it well within herself on given that what we've seen over the season that she finds tons for pressure you get the impression of hot there being stronger. Challenge to her She more on some strongly feel that more than she had. So you gotta like that The fact that she keeps doing it nice was able to keep winning by wide margins against against own sex means you want to see a race against the boys a against the older horses. She will be doing shortly But everything she's done. This season has been has been really impressive. I was one of those people who thought about been flattered by winning music. Dora because the pair the big price on the day sixteen on the front two in the market who both had big reputations. They lost their either beforehand. Or in the first couple of furlongs by not settling thought well ryan more being ready professional on writing his philly to expose the weakness the rivals We didn't really look hard enough of their performance and ask what more she could have done what she showed that at epsom. I'm by by bolting up. And she is. She is something special. There's there's no to my thoughts all and it gets a bit silly me and trying to pick holes and finished like her. When she's i think her her Aggregate winning distance season stomachs thirty two and a quarter lengths. You just don't eat on horses and she continues yeah. Potential alleged obviously put the thing about snowfall. The we keep coming back to this is we've been on the right side of her on the on the final furlong in that and it all comes back to a key interview with lee his. Love that roy moore gave where she said. Why is it important that you make the running with this source and brian went into detail about how no we always thought an awful lot of her. Last year we tried to at the highest level. But the juvenile's weren't rice and you'll remember applying namedrop again edna brian on the show again soon He was on the show several times last year and he emphasized just how sick his juvenile were on. The lot of them weren't giving the running any blamed himself that he was getting horses. Ready for roy ascott and in doing so because of the rona and Not entirely knowing if scott was going to while they were saying. We're holding my telephone. We're going to keep our position. We're not changing our shed. You in ireland. They only had a week to get the worst is ready and qualify and so he was reading his juvenile's because roy ascott so important to them and she was one of those sources who was being revved up to to go there Despite the fact that she she ultimately didn't like the neela juveniles on march bolger out not potter is always jim. Fox symbol jury own fool in But what. I what i thought was fascinating about. It was was ryan talking about. Just how highly. He regarded the horse. And that you can hold her up you can ride him. In mid division you can make the running. And it was again lydia. His love asking all of the right questions and frankie's view on the we we put her up for the oaks Was he could have won by further if he wanted. She's then has the biggest winning margin in the irish oaks one hundred years. And now she's coming on the yorkshire oaks so her price currently for the arc is nine to four. She's the shortest twos. It wouldn't be the fun before long and me without me quoting the shortest price story just to annoy With the derby winner at ninety two tell price but that's only available one firm generally. He's seventy two different worlds. Really turn turn chinawas tarnaud off. I get that right sixes and then probably a non-runner hurricane aids because he's going saint leger wonderful tonight may very well get his grinded and saint mark's basilica you think can't win i disagree but we'll see is is ten to one. So it's shaping up to be a fantastic race but you look at the head of that market and it's dominated by the oaks winner and the derby winner and that to me is fantastic is that you've got that classic form towards the top of the market and they are is is already He's confirmed that he is capable of beating the older horses and beating them very very well in the king george And it would be some performance if he can win a darby king george and arkan in the same season but think snowfall is the one they will have to try. And stop and We have a chronic genesis coming over from japan Who's bhai bego new yorker stallion Yuccas family by the way have been banging in the winners over the last few days. And he's one. He's most recent trial back in june. So we'll Plans for him. I believe are to come over Eight brian was saying that she's been putting on waste that she'll be absolutely perfect for the autumn. And that the lads will decide whether or not. She goes for our trials day but he'd be more than happy to just take straight there. That's actually i think the most interesting point you make is it's comment about her putting on wins and that's that's something that you don't hear that very often from trainers i remember them saying about keeping full on her season. It's a sign that this riding physically. You expect. Some seen it with was plenty of top class horses before they will come for them. This season targets clearly. Light up light the showing signs of a hard season You know the doing well on and a lot of forces. Take a lotta idlib. Cells in racist appeared win very easily but the lose condition afterwards Despite the fact that she's she's run away with with the oaks and the irish oaks. She's actually been getting bigger and stronger in doing that. So she's almost she almost progressing and we were talking about with rage and high. The you know in order to to To keep the same level. You've got to be improving physically on those who are very young. Precocious tend to get gradually caught up by the others. I'm as they develop. She's also developing at the time so she's getting better and better. It would appear as i said. The performance is on the restaurant Don't show the show that she's she's hitting a very high level similar level under last three starts but of course in new horse has to win by twenty lengths and she almost has to win by half the track just to show that she's better than she was a month ago and she doesn't have the opposition to that tour so the five that she's putting on wit She's she's during. This was a pretty tough schedule Shows is that she is thriving physically a really positive thing going forward his actual quote. Was she quickens very well. She's gone really laid back now she's thriving and is starting to put on ways and she is going to be ready for the autumn. I cannot wait for prolonged shown. Nine two four two two one five to two the best price you can get a better idea for the old rivals godolphin at force. What a matchup. Cool more viga godolphin and possibly japanese interest with Krona genus as well and of course another while fox endowment weld or the cup winner we will discuss the coolmore Wooden bassett a new dish into the team. New addition Purchase them last year and So far things have been going particularly. Well i believe in terms of the the bookings for him so we'll we'll chat about him in a second Before that though Tote had an unbelievable. And i mean i if you were backing with tote well done. You've done extremely well because the whirlpool which was flashing across the screen on racing. Tv who are broadcast port partners on talksport said the whirlpool ticker was coming along over. Three.

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