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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck, but east, what the puck and years, what's happening. I'm Mark mayor, and this is my podcast, welcome to it. How's it going out there? You hold it up everything. Okay. Hope you're doing. All right. I worry, I worry about you. I worry about us. I worry about me. I'm a worrier. It's just a way I'm wired. I wish I wasn't, but sometimes it's warranted, isn't it? I just got back from Denver. I did four shows that the comedy works. I'm recording this on Sunday afternoon. I fly out early in the morning so I could come do this. It never stops. I do not have much free time. The comedy works is a great venue. It's one of the great comedy clubs. It seats about, I don't know, maybe two fifty or something and it's in a basements got low ceilings. It's it's very snug. It's slightly tiered. The audience is right on top. Some of them are literally on stage. They're sitting on stage and I'm working on new. She hidden as you know, I've been. I've been out there hammering it out at the end of the club. I'm in it. I'm a hundred percent in it. It is my job. It was always my job. That's the amazing thing about about doing comedy for as long as I've been doing it is that you work hard at something and then you realize this is my job. This is what I do, and I'm good at it and I keep pushing it. I keep taking risks at my job. I built a craft over a long period of time. I'm very proud of it. I just had this conversation. I'm sorry, did I mention who's on the show today? Joan Jett is on the show today, Joan Jett with a with a special appearance by her manager. Danny Laguna who who they are inseparable apparently and and he wanted to be around. So I put him on the Mikey's very interest. Cat in his own right. And they seem to have a symbiotic thing going been together for years. So it's a, it's Joan Jett with, let's do it that way. Joan Jett with Danny Laguna today on the show Joan Jett I believe just turned sixty. The other dab recorded this before she turned sixty. So I if you're on top of that and you realize why didn't I wish her a happy birthday was because I didn't know then, but, but she just turned sixty. I'm turning fifty five on Thursday, and it's not so much that I'm feeling my age, but I do start to think about, you know what I do and who I am in the world in in what we all do. I, it's just a weird thing when you get, I guess, a middle aged, but getting back to the idea of doing the job, especially as a creative person as somebody who is sort of hammered out their own way through a creative endeavor through an expression endeavor through a. Through like something that is not a normal way of life. I flew back on the plane from Denver with Whitney Cummings who is working at the other club. And we just got into this conversation and it's just started to realize like there's a lot of people out there that call themselves comics because they've done ten minutes here. A couple of sets there. They worked on an open mic somewhere or they did a room and the thing about being a comic about truly being comic, not unlike any job is that you got to do the job and the job to a certain degree, you know is like getting laughs fine game that you should do that when you're a comic, but the the bigger job is can you show up and do an hour hour and a half and do it consistently and stay up there and over the years, generate new material. Can you apply your craft? Can you evolve your craft? Can you show up anywhere and do an hour and get paid for it and do it consistently. I mean, that is the job and I've been doing the job, you know, for most of my life at this point. Being paid comic and showing up whether it's strangers, whether they're familiar, whether it's a an event that seems awkward for comedy or a venue that seems awkward for comedy..

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