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Falls sure there was no any easy works but with the work outside I do part that's why yeah I'm not rich enough to have a garage like you did great and but I am rich enough to tip the plumber which I think I should have done today pink plumber came my house just fix the little widget on my thing that little rubber thing I can't remember the name of it costs basically nothing and I feel guilty I didn't tip the guy because he sent me a lot of money you can I owe you need a new Fetzer valve in the Johnson ride over here and he did he's like you just think this will I got one of the truck door but he save you money in your head because it wasn't one in real life it's not like he came to you and says while this job looks like it's gonna be a grand and then he turned five Bucks and then you're like wow you save me not you know but literally I don't know anything about the you know that the inner workings you could literally been like all the Fetzer valve well now you can tell everybody don't act like you know stuff so I just want to know I'll address you know I tell the truth longer okay I just want to know electricians H. back plumbers that's kind of service industry do we the general public need to be tipping when you come into a service call at our house that I just want clarity on this on this issue so far it's I it no has three votes and yes has one from the call AS and the callers on Twitter I got a Twitter pull up right now I just this is it this is I'm asking experts on the phone on Twitter I'm asking people like you and me I think it's one eighty nine percent say they do not tip eleven percent say they do so but I want to know from the actual people like Mike's a handy man in Loganville Mike welcome to the show your handy man that's all you do a whole bunch of stuff are you expecting a tip never never expected at all always tries to properly always make sure my times correct and make sure that my people are satisfied with the work if they wanna give me a sandwich yeah okay that's a problem I yeah I used to never have food or drink in my house I've never offered but now that my is there I do have stuff to to offer what kind of what kind of stuff is a handy man one of the most popular things that people hire you to do my well it worked just like you're talking about today yep flappers ill Cochran ball situation the new fluid masters all these things are confusing to people what is simple it's not that expensive it's not acceptable item it's something that you know you just have to get done yeah you pay for and it's done all right that you know that's a new relationship the mark in it by the way I'm a first time caller long time welcome aboard Mike so do you know what to do I think part of this is again so I was a waiter in college I was a server and yes ever since then I've I've I've been a generous tipper I like to to people because I that's how I paid for college was on tips so that's one thing that's it that's in my mind when you offered to image refuses because the man's problem work is already done gotcha detail to it if he takes it it is because you know you you made them take it understood but but here's another factor I think might be a good one so so def green producer the marker show the brains behind the operation never takes days often goes out the with Erickson stalwart employee out what percentage of your buying of purchasing of of of sales of whatever is done online now how much online shopping and stuff for you do I mean the only thing I don't want help line is gas and food Soviet pretty I get five percent of yeah so what I think it might be too is we're so getting so used to just buying stuff online without human interaction that more we DO F. human interaction it feels like this is an actual person I should tip that munis there I'm saying sure but but waiters unfortunately aren't paid that great I think plumbers and some service people are they make good money yeah pretty well absolutely and and waiters in Europe don't get paid right yeah yeah I tried to I've tried to type in Europe before and they kind of like insulted and two they they wouldn't do that they would take it yeah I don't know if you tip waiters in Moldova because I've never been to Moldova Doug terminals been the mall Dover.

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