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Think it is a good idea if it keeps people safe and text people came back Christmas and it's not just the UK across Europe, countries are battening down the hatches. To stop the virus. Germany has locked down the country, shutting all of its stores until early next year. The city of Lights is a bit dimmer this holiday season as Paris and forces of curfew. And the Netherlands has closed schools and shops making it a blue Christmas. I mean, it's a very hard decision. It is harsh. It is better for us. It's not all doom and gloom very Christmas. Australia is winning the battle against the virus. Even without a vaccine, they're reporting fewer than 10 cases a day. Meaning unthinkable sites like Children and the elderly. Mixing without a care in the world offer a glimpse of what life can look like post pandemic. Ian Lee CBS NEWS London Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for the virus report. CBS is Healing Cobb in Paris. In a brief statements, the Elysee presidential palace announced that President Emmanuel Macron had shown initial symptoms of covert 19. He took a real time PCR test, which came back positive. The palace says he will self isolate for seven days but will continue to work. Prime Minister John Kass Tex says he may be a contact case on will also self isolate as a precaution. Elaine CARB, CBS NEWS PARIS Congress continues to hash out another coronavirus relief bill. Here's correspondent Michael George. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are said to be nearing an agreement on a new coronavirus relief bill. We have a responsibility to get this right. People's lives depend upon it. It's been seven months since Congress passed its last covert spending package. Now they're under pressure to get something done soon. Nothing about how I don't have nothing have five kids. Hundreds of people lined up in Miami just for a chance to receive a free supermarket gift card. Last week, some 885,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims that number rising for the second straight week to a level not seen since September. American people wait Firm or emergency assistance ought to be over. The Senate bill includes a $300 weekly federal unemployment benefit for four months. The roughly $908 billion measure would put money in most Americans pockets in the form of a stimulus check of up to $700. The bill also contains rental assistance, food assistance, money for schools and vaccine distribution and $300 billion in aid for small businesses. Here in Wilmington, Delaware. President elect Biden said he's encouraged by what he's hearing about the Bill. Michael George. CBS NEWS Wilmington, Delaware. Coming up a cyber attack on a massive scale hackers thought to be linked to Russian intelligence or now feared to be deep.

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