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And the ESPN app. I am Jim basketball in back. With tennis cine won the women's finals are set in the land down under the men's title match up has one marquee name in just waiting on the other with the latest from the Australian Open. Here's Mark Robins. No need to wait any longer. The match is underway in the men's second. Semi-final the topsy Novak Djokovic against the twenty eighth seed Lucas suite of France there in the very first game as they are tied at deuce with Djokovic serving. He's a six time. Ozzy champ, heavy favorite to get the victory in the semi-final is should the expected occur that it would be raffling. Dow against your kitchen ESPN's Chris Fowler and Darren Kahlil disgust that matchup. Well, I think it's a way it's being a tough match-up even on clay with Novak is playing his best tennis still tough match-up as well because Novak has had the penalty ticket up to the full and take it before it gets about his shoulder fiddle ask you this. Do you think? Thanks. Blackness aggressively all serving this. Well, I don't think so. It's going to be really interesting to see how night back response to it. And assuming he gets through obviously, look at is going to be there and giving the bright match. But let's assume back does win. Yeah. I think he's ever felt this talkable from Rafeh playing this close the baseline taking the forehand down the line this effectively and serving this. Well, not really interesting. The first game goes to Novak Djokovic..

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