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Thirty K. NSF news at eleven o'clock I used to be back into the cloudy and seventy three degrees president Donald Trump welcome to Australian prime minister Scott Morrison to the White House today to celebrate the history of Americans and Australians working together today we celebrate the long cherished and unwavering friendship between the United States and Australia Morrison is just a second world leader to be granted the owner of a state visit during the trump administration bankers in the rural parts of ten the planes in western states including Kansas expects slow growth in the months ahead but the ongoing trade war between the US and China is weighing on the economy laurel mainstreet survey overall index climbed into positive territory at fifty point one in September from August's forty six point five any score above fifty suggest a growing economy well the score below fifty indicates a shrinking economy Creighton University economist already gauze who oversees the survey says bankers are less confident because of the ongoing trade dispute Sam the lack of approval for a new north American trade agreement the confidence index remains low at forty two point nine in September up slightly from August forty two Dan o'neill K. an SS news the wait is finally over for the next release in the iPhone series apples updated I phones will be in the hands of consumers today a new line up the iPhone eleven and eleven pro feature beefed up cameras with new photo and video capabilities the iPhone eleven adds the dual camera system found in the iPhone ten S. which can snap portraits photos and four K. video the iPhone pro adds a third camera sensor to take telephoto pictures the cameras.

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