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Okay so the cowboys announced on Sunday. which was there Wednesdays we discussed in the top of the episode assode Jason Garrett announced his daily press conference or as normal press conference that the cowboys would be working out some kickers? Oh Yeah So they worked out Austin McGinnis. Who is the? XFL's Dallas renegades kicker so a local guy. Nick rose from the University of Texas and the San Antonio Commanders. You might remember that I had had some affiliation going on with the commanders of the ESPN San Antonio but But also worked tristen Viscaya. No was Jason Garrett. It had an interesting time trying to pronounce ultimately You know the guys they worked out might never must not have been too impressive as the cowboys decided that they were going to continue rolling with Brett Maher. That is a very interesting decision. You Know Brett Maher is played in twelve games Dallas cowboys season. He's missed field wall at least one field goal in seven of them. Okay now Britain Maher is played in thirty games with the cowboys overall counting last season. Kinda the playoffs. He has missed at least one kick of some kind whether an extra point or available in over half of them. So I don't know how bad this trial was for Austin and nick interest in but read it must not have gone to well that's my My takeaway but overall I think that you know it shows shows because and this happens I don't want to act like this is the first time this ever happened but on Friday the day after the cowboys loss of the Bills Stephen Jones on one fan and said the team had no Plans to move on from Brett Maher etc.. WE'RE GONNA keep rolling with him and and believe they believe in him are Blah and in two days later Jason geared announces. The teams are working under. The team is working out kickers. What happened what happened in those forty eight hours What happened there? There was a quote. Oh by the way from The Dasa Calvin Watkins on L. P. Ladders there's kind of made the rounds we had it up on bt as well About how he was just in an opposition talking about how you know he and Chris Jones Punter who's obviously the the snapper or not the snapper the holder and You know it's a little awkward for for them. And what are they supposed to do and people kind of had a problem with this. And I get a good having a problem with this I mean you know. Lp End of the day you know. That's your job I mean that's the reality audit nfl it's business etc.. But but yeah I mean it's. It's an awkward situation. I mean there's no denying that brand ma all her has not been good for the cowboys. And that it's time for the cobwebs to work out somebody else in town to figure out a solution time to figure out a potential plan. Obviously they're not or whatever they they figured out you know involves Britain maters. They're gonNA continue to roll with him. But I don't know I don't know how you do that. Because you know Brent Maher struggled obviously obviously really struggled last week against Buffalo and his next game is on the road in a place that people call the windy city. I'm not a meteorologist but I have to imagine that that's not a good thing for an NFL kicker it somehow. someway cab is GonNa Roll with Brent Maher and really isn't that sort of You know an example of they've been. I think that you know the Jason Garrett era does come to an end at the end of the season whenever that is like many suspected by many I mean like ninety seven percent of people they are a handful of moments that really sort of define who he is. And what his tenuous tenuous like I think and maybe we'll writes about this if that is the case. I don't know We'll have this discussion of the but I think one of them is icing. Dan Bailey right like you. You can't get out of your own way Jason Garrett sort of thing I think insisting on Chaz Green being great in Atlanta is Jason Garrett sort of thing you next man up. You've got to be ready. Got To be the guy to fill in for Tyron Smith and I think rolling with bread. Mar I think settling for you. Know I don't want to say mediocrity read. Martin has been really good at times but settling for unpredictable in a place in an avenue. That should be more than that in the name of something special because her does bring something special and that he he has his big lake this debate that he can connect from three miles away. Whatever and so I mean that's Donahue Jason Garrett? Is he the way he rolls. The dice is in a very calculated manner. That's kind of a Brent. Maher is he's he's a calculated. Roll the dice and obviously lately lately. The role has not been coming cowboys. And so that's been an issue that's been some somewhere where they've struggled and you know It doesn't help the Dame Bailey's playing really well this season for the Minnesota Vikings and I think that ultimately still the cowboys made the right decision to move on from Dan Bailey. It just looks really bad. It was just time and good for Dan that he's I had a resurgence with the Vikings here in two thousand nineteen but but the cowboys you know should have moved on from her a long time ago and for his sake too I mean it's it's not good for Martin. Martin be at the center of this and things obviously not grades in the cowboys. Don't put him in great situations. You know you think about the feeble attempt. They had at the end of the first half against Buffalo. That was from the right right hash. which is notoriously bad from so those are the decisions that you wonder about it and you think man? How can you make such obvious mistakes but then again? That's kind of why we are here in why this team is in the boat that they're in Six with four to play cowboys will be on the road three days from now because you and I are talking on Monday taking on the Chicago. Bears I'll be on a couple of PODCASTS Throughout the week preview in that game I think early on on you know I. I don't know I don't know how you feel confident about anything with these cowboys. You Look Mitchell. trubisky obviously is not that great great you look at that. Defense obviously has a lot of great players and a lot of potential and considerably Win that game. Some Games will probably be in this game. They have seven Mondays to rest. Just like the cowboys. The bears were in Detroit on Thanksgiving Day beat the Lions to get to six thousand six themselves but I mean this game should come down to Mitchell Mitchell trubisky right and if the cowboys cannot stop Mitchell trubisky I mean you know. It's possible that the cowboys win this division at seven and nine but if they cannot stop Mitchell trubisky they should give the hats and t shirts back. Because you know that's a really really really low point I think they Mitchell is going to have have to run a lot and we saw Josh Allen. Have that success against the cowboys on the ground we saw. Even Jeff Driscoll have success against the cowboys on the ground. So I don't think this is a walk in the park by any means however. Look if you're bill is to see the cowboys win the division that is well within sites I mean I know the rams played really well this past week against the Arizona cardinals but you gotta factor and it was the cardinals But again all the cowboys have to do is when two of their next three and and eagles game has to be one of them so they can go to Chicago they can get that win and then you know they can be asleep. You know against the rams if they really want to and then they can beat beat the eagles and they'll still be NFC champ and for what it's worth all right. This game is the Thursday after Thanksgiving and typically Jason Garrett's teams have played played really well in that slot. In fact Jason Garrett has been the head coach the cowboys. Nine Times after Thanksgiving if you count the interim season back in two thousand ten here is how has teams teams have done the week after Thanksgiving in two thousand ten. They won on the road in Indianapolis. That game was on a Sunday. That was SEAN lease big game. That was his rookie year. Does branches obviously obviously a big big big big win for the cowboys in India in two thousand ten in two thousand eleven they were at Arizona. Sunday after Thanksgiving that was the aforementioned Dame Bailey I I soon in two thousand twelve there on Sunday night football at home against the eagles. That was a big win. You I remember that. Moore's clayborn had a fumble recovery that game two thousand thirteen in the week after Thanksgiving the cowboys on the road on Monday night. Football at Chicago where there'll be this week and they got blown out. That was the Josh mccown game. But ever since then they've really turned it around since two thousand fourteen two thousand fourteen seven days after Thanksgiving. They were on the road at Chicago once again. They were awesome. Kobe scored court twice. Brandon Marshall's ask bear. That was a win. Two Thousand Fifteen. They were at home. Excuse me that home. They were at Washington on Monday night. the week after Thanksgiving. That was a big win. That was matt. Cassel Dan. Bailey had the game winner. We mentioned him a little while ago. So that was Win Number two in a row. They're sitting on five wins in a row so the last three years the cowboys have played on Thursday night football the week after Thanksgiving so they've had the full seven days of rest in two thousand sixteen. They went to Minnesota the week after Thanksgiving giving got that big win. Two thousand seventeen. They hosted the redskins. That was the game that Dez Bryant broke the record Ryan Switzer had to punt return touchdown. That was really awesome and then last season they hosted the New Orleans Saints on the Thursday. After thanksgiving. The cowboys have actually one more often than not the week. After thanksgiving under Jason Yet. They're seven into in games after Thanksgiving and they have won their last five in a row. Three of which the last three by the way have been on Thursday night football where this game will take place the couch for what it's worth. Have one on the road in Chicago on the Thursday after Thanksgiving so these exact circumstances were in play exactly. Five years ago in the cowboys found a way to go up to the windy city. And get that dubs. So we'll see if if that's what happens on Thursday but you know today is is actually Thursday. As far as the cowboys are concerned. We'll have Jason Garrett press conference recap available for you a block of the boys dot com will also have an injury report for you so lots going on..

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Cowboys, Jason Garrett, Dan Bailey discussed on Blogging the Boys

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