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Let's go to Scott, Ridgefield, Connecticut. The great WABC go. Hey, how you doing Mark? Thanks for all you. Do. You got what it wanted to make sure you didn't leave out the great state of Connecticut and art and find the not make state. Yeah. So I don't know what's going on. I just met with a realtor. They're considering putting buyer's convenience tax on real estate in the state number one number two. Not sure if I can confirm this or not we're talking about making in the legislature, the whole state, a sanctuary state. Meanwhile, we've got a hole in the budget, a mile wide and to your point about New Jersey were first and second on every bad list in forty nine hundred fifty s where we should be first and second, and I don't know what they're doing about it. But do you remember when your state had no income tax before Weicker became governor? I I actually do you had no income tax yet enormous amount of wealth flowing in Connecticut. People who worked in New York City and worked in parts of New Jersey would live in Connecticut. And and and drive or or however, they would travel into the others and the other states and cities, but not now it's too expensive in Connecticut. The realtor told me he came from a meeting the other day, I'm gonna mention a peril, and I'm not trying to pick on anybody. But the town of new Canaan were a friend. Brian Williams is from. They're considering putting the real estate commission is considering putting a ban on sale signs in in the yard houses. There's so many houses for sale, it's scaring people away. They're going to town. It's like something out of the Walking Dead. State over from Ridgefield where I live Richfield. Of course, went down the tubes. When he left when they got into a pissing match with a four governor Malloy over over where did she go? Pack. How do you like that? All right, my friend. Thank you for your call. Oh, they're all wearing white. What's of what are they protesting, Mr. producer? They're all wearing white. I mean, there's an that racist. Oh, is it women's rights to wear white? Well, isn't that something aren't they something these members of congress protesting for women's rights? It's unbelievable merica suck so badly. We're becoming a clown show or becoming a circus with these fools who we elect. We don't elect them. These fools at our full. Neighbors elect. They're all dressed in white. And they're doing it for the media because they went CNN and MSNBC and NBC ABC CBS and all the rest of them. To take note into common on it. Oh, look at that. Donald women's suffrage or women not voting. Honestly, I don't get her women not allowed to vote in this country. Have they been voting for a hundred years? Or more in certain states, well, women's suffrage. There you go. I just thought they got a sale, you know, maybe at Macy's or something. One hundred dresses fifty percent off. A white cell. You might say. Oh and women's economic security. Oh, so basically anything you want to believe is you wear the white outfit. Pretty much. I'm so behind the times. Very cool. All right. Let's go to Dan, Houston, Texas, XM satellite. How are you? Great. How you doing very well? Thank you. Hey, mark. I say thank you so much for this time to the weight. It really is no holds far. I love it. Thank you, sir. I also liked what you said earlier, wait a minute. There's Senator Menendez and he's actually wearing clothes, Dan. What? Yes. Anyway, go ahead. Earlier you're talking about you know, how the party isn't or the Democrats are showing respect to Trump. Even as party. There's some of them that don't show respect to the to the office at least when Obama was president. I belong to a national prayer presidential prayer team. I don't care who's an office. I prayed for the president because it's what we call to do. The office deserves respect. I don't care who you are what part of you are or anything. Just makes me sick that they treat the president like dirt. Very very disrespectful. Agree with you. Thank you for your call. All right. Apparently Mitch McConnell went out of his way to greet the vice president now, really. Let us go to Tom, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sirius satellite. How are you? Tom. Pleasure to talk to you. I've been a long time fan of yours. I love your show. Like, a graduate class in the constitution law American history. Thank you, sir. I wanted to call first of all the white sale is not racist. I'm starting to think why are they all wearing white here here. Just hold on one second Cording to fortune at the twenty thousand nine state of the union address. Expect to see a sea a suffragette White House Democratic Women's working group invited women have both political parties to wear white to honor the legacy of women's suffrage in the United States with a record number of women serving in congress, the arterial choice creates a powerful visual representation of elected women's leadership. Okay. There you go. They better not eat like hamburgers would catch up. And you know, that kind of thing you gotta be very careful when you're wearing white. Like a white shirt. I wear white shirts. I always spell stuff on them. Go right ahead by called with earlier. Maxine Waters was making a statement today that she was urging people not watched the address this evening, and why I take on that is because she doesn't want people to hear the truth. That's just my take on it. Well, she just nasty. She's always pounding away at this president doesn't take much for her to do that. But she's she's pretty nasty. All right. My friend. Thank you for your call. Let's see who else is here. Andy, Edison, New Jersey, the great WABC. Hi, mark. I wanted to make two quick points. I just really wanted to say the your your preparation for your radio show is bar. None by far the best. I'm probably your age. I've been listening to talk radio for forty years, and you come in first place all the time. You're very kind. There's a lot of good people on talk radio. But I do work my tail off. I can tell you that anyway, go right ahead, my friend. Yes. So my first point is I wish there was the political will to repeal the telecommunications act of nineteen ninety six that would take a pot all these media conglomerates feed us all of his dribble. And my second point is where of a million the way let me just stop right there. The picture of this congresswoman, Omar from Minneapolis, Saint Paul who am I view as a flat out of the closet bigot? She just took a picture with a Jewish Senator by the name closure of Wisconsin. Is a Wisconsin. Or is it Minnesota? I don't remember, not sure. But I mean, this is this is how the Democrats are anyway. Go right ahead. So my second point is, you know, there's there's millions of moderate Democrats in in the country. And where how come they're not screaming bloody murder about all this? The problem is if they're screaming bloody murder, and nobody shows up with a microphone or camera. Nobody's gonna hear them. Yeah. Media want the hard left the media, promote the hard left. The media want. What you see or you wouldn't see it? They encourage this kind of insanity. Because many of their members are related to people who are involved in the democrat party or themselves worked in administrations are on staff. But this is where their mindset is. This is where their ideology is. Yeah. I mean, the internet's gotta there's got to be a place of moderate Democrats on the internet, even even blaze TV would be great for them. I think so too. But it's not like we can go out and find them all all right, my friend. God bless you. And thank you again. I appreciate it. All right. We'll be right back..

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