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More than just a threat. I'm Mary course. Eddie. Fox News House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is getting support from House Democrats on her wish to impeach President Trump. There is a very real possibility that Donald Trump, the 45th, president of the United States, could be the first president in American history to be impeached twice. Democrats in the House of Representatives are chomping at the bit. It takes just a majority of Democrats in the house, too. Vote this way. Democrats are saying they want to introduce possibly an article as soon as Monday. We're talking about an article called Incitement of Insurrection. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made it clear she's giving the president an ultimatum, saying that she'll move forward with impeachment. If one the president doesn't resign her to the vice president fails to invoke the 25th amendment to bring the Cabinet on board to remove the president from office. But those two scenarios are likely not going to happen. Fox's David Bunt. The proposal to impeach the president now has 185 co sponsors, but it's not nearly as many as the one million signatures for the recall of California Democratic governor Gavin Newsom. This is the sixth time that voters have tried to recall Newsome, but it's the first time such an effort has coincided with a pandemic, which has critics up in arms over the governor's response. The L A Times reporting that within a month of Newsome going to that ill advised dinner at the French laundry, the recall effort collected more than 420,007. Nature's. That's 380,000 more than what was collected in the five months prior. Yesterday, he sent a $227 billion budget proposal to the state Legislature for the upcoming fiscal year. It devotes more than 14 billion to covert relief initiatives, including more funding for vaccines from two billion to safely re open classrooms at $1.1 billion an immediate aid to small businesses. Fox's Christina Coleman America is listening to Fox News..

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